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Ho Minh City, locally known as Saigon, is a popular city of Vietnam known for its modern and chaotic city life. Amidst all the high-rising buildings and jam-packed city streets, what one fails to notice is that there are a lot of magnificent Art Galleries and Museums hidden here which are worth exploring. There are several significant museums which beautifully display the ancient and historic past of Ho Chi Minh. Here are the most famous and popular museums in Ho Chi Minh city which offer a fascinating experience for every visitor.

10 Best Museums In Ho Chi Minh City

Take a look at the best museums in Ho Chi Minh city that offer an insight into the history of the city from the old age and give an exhilarating experience!

1. Ao Dai Museum

It is one of the most spectacular Ho Chi Minh city museums which is aimed at making the locals and tourists aware of the traditional fashion of Vietnam. It is a fascinating museum which displays the 30 different and unique designs of the traditional Ao Dai. These original designs date back to the 17th and 18th century. This idea was first invented and promoted by the famous designer Le Sy Hoang. Several small dolls with the traditional long dresses are sold as souvenirs here.

2. Southern Women’s Museum

This museum was constructed to honour the great sacrifices of the Vietnamese women who defended their nation and also contributed to the nation’s development. This acts as a central location where the Vietnamese women conduct many educational and cultural events. The beautiful traditional clothing worn by Southern Vietnamese women are wonderfully displayed here. There is another major section of this museum which has the photographs of the Vietnamese women who defended their country.

3. War Remnants Museum

War Remnants Museum in Ho Chi Minh city exhibits the American phase of the Vietnam war. It plays a major role in educating and making the visitors aware of the great will and struggle endured by the Vietnam defenders in bringing freedom to this country. It was established in 1975 after the Vietnam war ended and has been popular ever since. One must definitely make it a point to visit the War Remnants Museum when in Ho Chi Minh city.

4. FITO Museum

This is the first museum in the country which displays the country’s traditional medicines. These medicines are prominently influenced by the Chinese philosophy. More than 3000 different items like containers, medicinal herbs, charts, tools etc, are displayed here whose existence date back to the Stone Age. This place features exquisite architecture highly inspired by the Vietnamese traditional style.

5. Fine Arts Museum

Ho Minh City Museum of Fine Arts was built in the year 1987. It is a beautiful mansion which has been styled in colonial architectural designs. It is one of the largest galleries accommodated by the city which displays the contemporary Vietnamese and international art pieces. This mansion houses three different floors. The first two floors display the contemporary artefacts and the topmost floor holds the artefacts created between the 7th and 20th century.

6. Ho Chi Minh City Museum

This Revolutionary Museum in Ho Chi Minh city is one of the most exquisite buildings which were built in 1975. It is also known as Gia Long Palace. A lot of magnificent artefacts from the period of Vietnam wars are displayed here. One can even find many ceramic art pieces and old city maps. The traditional marriages carried out by the ethnic minorities are also put on display.

7. Museum Of Vietnamese History

One can conveniently locate the Museum of Vietnamese History near the Saigon Zoo and Botanical Gardens. It houses a wide variety of artefact collections and the architecture of this place is marvellous. This French and Asiatic influenced museum has been open to visitors since the year 1929. It contains ancient artworks from the prehistoric period and also houses many artefacts of the Khmer and Cham civilizations. There are many traditional performances like the “Water Puppet Show” which are hosted by this museum regularly.

8. Southeastern Armed Forces Museum

This war museum in Ho Chi Minh city Vietnam was established in the year 1988. It displays more than 18,000 items and relics of the guerrillas who fought in the wars. There are primarily two areas of display, one is the outdoor area which displays the large military equipments like tanks, howitzer etc, while the indoor area acts as a memorial of the martyred heroes and military personnel who died defending their country. Another museum similar to this is the Ho Chi Minh Campaign Museum.

9. Ton Duc Thang Museum

This museum is one of the best museums in Ho Chi Minh city. It was inaugurated in the year 1988 to celebrate the life and career of the first president of unified Vietnam, President Ton Duc Thang. In this museum, visitors get to learn more about the life of Ton Duc Thang and also the other Vietnamese southerners. The early life of Ton Duc Thang and his struggle to unify and modernize the nation is wonderfully depicted in the displays of this museum.

10. Artinus 3D Museum

This is an amazing and innovative museum and can be easily considered as one of the top museums in Ho Chi Minh city which displays extreme talent. It is an ideal place to visit with young kids who will have a good time enjoying the optical illusions created by the 3D paintings here. Every painting has a spot from which it has to be observed. Once a person stands on that, they can feel as though they are a part of the painting and no longer an observer.

The museums in Ho Chi Minh city are worth a visit by every traveler who is curious to know more about Vietnam’s cultural and traditional history. Plan a trip to Vietnam and go on this journey of exploration!

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10 Best Restaurants In Ho Chi Minh City For Experiencing The Ultimate Foodgasm

Travelling to a new place for vacation or in search for some freshness will always have two important considerations – food and shopping. Whatever the background a delicious food can always please anybody. It can take away the day’s tensions, worries and tiredness. And if the city is Ho chi Minh you have landed the right place to indulge in the delicious, sumptuous and ultimate food from the best restaurants in Ho Chi Minh city. One might find it difficult to get to the authentic restaurant and get a great meal. So, here is a list of top 10 options which get your culinary delights to a new high.

10 Best Ho Chi Minh City Restaurants

These 10 best places to eat in the Ho Chi Minh City offer the most delicious cuisines and undoubtedly the best dining experience. So, scroll down and take a look.

1. Hotel Finest Saigon Restaurant

This is one of the most sought after restaurants in Ho Chi Minh city, with high ratings by the customers, their satisfaction and lots more. The restaurant is famous for their authentic cuisine and impeccable service.

2. Marcel Gourmet Burger

A burger is an all time favourite for kids and adults. This place gets you the best burgers of the town, making it a must eat in Ho Chi Minh city. They have other interesting items to indulge in apart from burgers.

3. Le Corto Restaurant 4. King Kebab

The name itself tempts you to try their speciality in making the mouth-melting kebabs. They make it with their awesome dips to try. Add it up to your list of “must not miss” Ho Chi Minh city restaurants.

5. Bun Cha

It is another fantastic dining restaurant in the city. The presentation of the food items, the designer cutlery, the eating guide and such unique stuff makes it special. They bring to you great service while you eat all your food. Fine dining in Ho Chi Minh city just can’t get any better!

6. Hum Vegetarian Cafe and Restaurant

This is one of the three restaurants of the hum group. It serves sumptuous vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisines with the best from their well-trained chefs. You can taste some of the most lip-smacking cuisines here during your dinner date.

7. Li bai Chinese Restaurant

It serves authentic Chinese cuisine in the Vietnamese culture. One could always try the fresh and hot dishes served with the finest cutlery. The cozy atmosphere, cordial staff are one of its USPs. Finally you know the place if you’re looking for Vietnamese restaurants in Ho Chi Minh city.

8. Nonla Guys

It is a treat for the non-vegetarians. The vegans could have to spot a few dishes which may or may not turn out to be as awesome as their non-vegetarian options. Their service is really good. If you’re still looking for where to eat in Ho Chi Minh city, this might be your next stop.

9. Poke Saigon Ly Tu Trong

It is yet another place to find chef’s innovation in the kitchen directly to your plate. The properly spiced, creatively presented food tempts and is worth your wait. You may be required to carry cash with you as they don’t accept credit cards.

10. El Gaucho Argentinian Steakhouse

the most delicious steak of the city is available in here. This dedicated restaurant gives you a divine experience in eating the best steak with mouth-watering and properly spiced sausages. This is usually a heavily crowded place, so one must book well in hand to avoid hours of waiting.

Even though you are in a different space, you could notice the availability of almost every global cuisines in here. The best part is that the restaurants in Ho Chi Minh city get it quite similar to the original ones. Once you are through all these restaurants and their exceptionally good food, you would want to visit this place for on your next Vietnam vacation too!

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The Top Budget Hotels In Ho Chi Minh City

The “Pearl of the Far East” is an amazing international city, full of things to do and places to stay for any budget. It’s easy to find decent, cheap hotels in Ho Chi Minh City to help you save funds and see more of the city instead. Travel expenses can add up quickly, which is why many people choose to find hotels within a specific price range.

Saving money on your hotel costs will allow you to spend that cash elsewhere, on things like attractions, restaurants, and shopping. While many cities have cheap hotels that suffer in quality, Vietnam has several accommodations that are comfortable, beautiful, and easy on the wallet. And as the largest city in Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City has a countless number of hotels to choose from.

We’ve put together a list of the best cheap hotels in HCMC that are sure to satisfy your needs without sacrificing quality. Most of them fall into the price range of $35 per night or less, depending on the time of year and availability. Even though it’s not always mentioned, all of these properties have Wi-Fi internet.

For additional affordable accommodations consider booking a hostel or homestay. These offer a unique community feel and a better ability to immerse yourself in the local culture.

Here are our choices for the top budget in Saigon, Vietnam, in no particular order:

Silverland Yen Hotel

Room at Silverland Yen Hotel.

You won’t find many four-star hotels that are also in the lower budget range, so Silverland Yen Hotel is one of the few that gives the best of both worlds. The 63-room property boasts an atmosphere of peace and harmony.

It’s conveniently located in Ho Chi Minh City’s District 1, making it incredibly close to several attractions such as The Independence Palace and the Ben Thanh Market. Another perk of this hotel’s location is built on a quiet street lined with century-old tamarind trees adding to the peaceful ambiance.

Reservations at Silverland Yen Hotel are in high demand thanks to their cozy beds, beautiful flooring, and clean furniture. Some of the other amenities in the room include air conditioning, blackout curtains, a desk, slippers, an in-room safe, complimentary toiletries, and a flatscreen TV with satellite and cable channels.

One of the best features on this property is the modest outdoor swimming pool that overlooks Ho Chi Minh City, which can be especially appealing at night. There’s also a hot tub on-site, along with a fitness center for guests who enjoy getting in a good workout during their trip.

Relax in the evenings on the rooftop terrace or sauna to set a mood of relaxation, and enjoy a complimentary breakfast each morning with a diverse menu.

Check prices, availability, or book Silverland Yen Hotel

Sunland Hotel

Sunland Hotel room. Photo: Sunland Hotel

There’s no better option for a relaxing stay in the downtown District 1 of Ho Chi Minh City than the affordable, three-star Sunland Hotel. The property is neatly put together to exude an environment of complete tranquility and peace, making it a lovely retreat from the busy part of the town without actually leaving it.

Even though the cost for staying at these accommodations is relatively low, it certainly has a luxurious vibe to it, so you wouldn’t even know that you’re staying in a “cheap hotel.”

Each of the 110 rooms on the property is decorated with modern fixtures and offers great window views adding to the overall ambiance. The hotel prides itself in providing very comfortable, cozy beds and rooms to ensure that guests feel like they are in a home away from home.

Some room amenities are air conditioning, flat-screen television with pay-per-view movies and premium channels, soundproof walls, and excellent bathrooms.

From the outside, the Sunland Hotel doesn’t look like much, but the inside is a whole different story thanks to its well-thought-out design. With two swimming pools, a restaurant, a bar, a hair salon, a sauna, and a nightclub, you will never get bored and can enjoy some quality relaxation here.

There’s a playground and kids pool for families traveling with small children to keep their youngsters entertained.

Check prices, availability, or book Sunland Hotel

C Central Hotel

Room at C Central Hotel.

Located right in the middle of the animated Bui Vien – De Tham neighborhood in Ho Chi Minh City, the C Central Hotel is the perfect option for someone who likes to work hard and play hard. With convenient access to the town’s District 1, this hotel is located near several tourist attractions in addition to lively evening nightclubs and bars.

Because C Central Hotel is in a busy part of the city, it can be a little noisier in the rooms, although many guests say this is not a deal-breaker. The entire hotel is spread out over two buildings and 54 rooms, all known for being immaculately clean with trendy furniture since their renovation in 2024.

The beds are comfortable and spacious, and there are many in-room amenities included, such as a safe, flat-screen TV, minibar, air conditioning, blackout curtains, and more. Complimentary toiletries are set up in the bathroom for all guests as well.

During your time at the C Central hotel, check out their on-site bar and restaurant, which are very popular with guests. However, if you choose to dine elsewhere, there are more than enough options to pick from within walking distances.

Check prices, availability, or book C Central Hotel

Alagon Saigon Hotel & Spa

Room at Alagon Saigon Hotel & Spa.

Even though the Alagon Saigon Hotel & Spa is considered a budget hotel in Ho Chi Minh City, it’s also one of the most frequently booked places. Located right in the center of town, these accommodations offer immediate access to many attractions, restaurants, and entertainment venues within a short walking distance.

The hotel staff also strives to provide all the comforts of home for each of their guests so that you can expect stellar customer service during your stay here.

At Alagon Saigon Hotel & Spa, visitors have a choice of 56 rooms on the property, all of which are kept incredibly clean and fitted with some of the most comfortable beds you’ll find. Each room comes with air conditioning, a minibar, a safe, flat-screen TV with satellite channels, complimentary toiletries, and more. Bottles of water and an iron with an ironing board are also set up in all the rooms.

Additionally, nearby, there are a few convenience stores and coffee shops for any last-minute needs that might come across your way.

The fitness center is a great area to get some exercise if you haven’t gotten your fix of steps through the city yet. For a relaxing atmosphere and a little self-care, try the on-site spa facility that offers various services to help you relax and rejuvenate. The pool deck and area are incredibly decorated with plenty of vegetation and stunning views overlooking the city.

Check prices, availability, or book Alagon Saigon Hotel & Spa

Cochin Zen Hotel

Room at Cochin Zen Hotel.

Recently renovated in 2023, Cochin Zen Hotel proudly has many bells and whistles, considering it’s a hotel on the cheaper scale. There are 11 stories with 103 rooms, and beautifully decorated to provide the utmost comfort. Centrally located in Ho Chi Minh City’s center, this District 1 hotel gives you quick access to several of the main tourist attractions at the drop of a hat.

With seven different room types available, guests will instantly feel at home thanks to the recognizable elegant decor, cozy beds, and sizable private bathroom with a walk-in shower. All rooms are fitted with air conditioning, a flat-screen TV with premium channels, complimentary toiletries, a minibar, a safe, and a hairdryer.

If you’re a fan of rooftop pools, you’re in luck as Cochin Zen Hotel has a spectacular pool-jacuzzi combo area that overlooks the HCMC as you swim. Additionally, there’s a rooftop bar and restaurant that excel at creating the perfect romantic atmosphere as you dine while watching the twinkling city lights.

Check prices, availability, or book Cochin Zen Hotel

Ruby Saigon Hotel and Suites

Room at Ruby Saigon Hotel and Suites.

If you’re looking for a modest, clean, and convenient place to stay, check out the Ruby Saigon Hotel and Suites for its modern vibes and effortless access to the main parts of Ho Chi Minh City. This property is perfect for business and pleasure travelers and appeals to those who love shopping, thanks to its proximity to the Ben Thanh Market and Takashimaya Vietnam.

The rooms are simple but feature a beautiful wooden floor and highly comfortable bedding, complete with crisp linens and blackout curtains. A few of the other room features include air conditioning, a deep bathtub for soaking, a shower with a hydromassage showerhead, a 32-inch flat-screen TV with cable channels, slippers, minibar, refrigerator, and more.

Check prices, availability, or book Ruby Saigon Hotel – Ben Thanh

Sunrise Central Hotel

Room at Sunrise Central Hotel.

One of Ho Chi Minh City’s best-selling properties and highly-ranked places to stay is the Sunrise Central Hotel. This recently renovated and centrally located accommodation offers so much. With a sleek modern design and stunning architecture, this hotel hosts state-of-the-art facilities to provide the ultimate comfort at very reasonable prices.

The hotel has seven room types and 79 rooms, each fitted with a safe, air conditioning, a minibar, a flat-screen TV, and room service. The floors and bedding are pristine and will remind you of something you’d find in any high-end hotel. Toiletries, internet access, coffee, and tea are also complimentary items in every room.

Even though there are many lovely places to eat nearby in the District 1 area, the on-site restaurant is worth checking out. Additionally, the hotel bar is a great little spot to grab a happy hour drink after a long day of sightseeing and mingling with other travelers.

Check prices, availability, or book Sunrise Central Hotel

ICON Saigon – Lifestyle Design Hotel

Room at ICON Saigon – Lifestyle Design Hotel.

You will get a lot of bang for your buck staying at ICON Saigon – Lifestyle Design Hotel, as it offers some of the best accommodations in Ho Chi Minh City at competitive prices. The modern, 90-room building is thoughtfully designed with local art and contemporary fixtures that provide total comfort and excellent experiences for all guests.

The term “lifestyle design” is coined by 4 Hour Workweek author, Tim Ferris, about being able to work from anywhere and anytime. So you’ll find plenty of cool spaces around the hotel to work remotely and a welcoming community.

Each room is stylish and put together well with stunning wooden floors, beautifully themed decor, and lavish bedding. Other featured room amenities include air conditioning, a minibar, bathrobes, a 40-inch flat-screen TV with premium channels, a desk, and an in-room safe.

Where ICON Saigon – Lifestyle Design Hotel excels is in their property amenities, as it’s tough to beat their sparkling rooftop infinity pool, poolside bar, and fitness center that offer panoramic views of HCMC as you’re using them.

There is another restaurant inside the building with an excellent menu and a coffee shop and bar. Each guest is provided with a complimentary breakfast every morning, either as a buffet or continental-style.

Check prices, availability, or book ICON Saigon – Lifestyle Design Hotel

Aquari Hotel

Room at Aquari Hotel.

This hotel is also located in District 1 of Ho Chi Minh City, meaning there are endless points of interest within very short walking distances.

Each hotel room is carefully designed with tile floors and wooden furniture to give a sense of elegance and coziness. Guests will find comfort in the spotless rooms equipped with spacious private bathrooms, including stand-up showers or jacuzzi bathtubs. Some of the other room features are the air conditioning, safe, desk, bathrobes, flat-screen TV, and a coffee or tea maker.

Aside from being a stone’s throw from many attractions, the hotel property offers plenty to do on-site. There’s a fitness center for guests who prioritize exercise while traveling and a sauna, spa, and steam room that are great for a bit of self-pampering.

Travelers here on business can get work done in their meeting rooms, some of which are prepared to handle 100 people and come set up with modern audio-visual technologies to help things run smoothly.

Check prices, availability, or book Aquari Hotel

White Lotus Hotel

Room at White Lotus Hotel.

The White Lotus Hotel is one of Ho Chi Minh City’s hidden gems as far as accommodations go. Its contemporary design, excellent customer service, and ideal location are right in District 1. With plenty to do in a short distance and a great flare to the property’s atmosphere, this hotel is well suited for both personal or business trips.

Each smoke-free room has tile floors with wooden furniture to elaborate its trendy white and brown color scheme and cozy vibes. Some of the room features include air conditioning, a minibar, room service, and spacious bathrooms. A few suites also have great views of the city, and those can be booked on request.

The front desk at White Lotus Hotel operates around the clock to provide you with anything you need 24-hours a day. Guests love spending time on the property for its relaxing environment and enjoy dining at the on-site restaurant, where a complimentary breakfast is offered each morning.

Check prices, availability, or book White Lotus Hotel

Dyn Opera Hotel

Room at Dyn Opera Hotel.

If you’re looking for a solid, friendly, uncomplicated place to stay within your budget in Ho Chi Minh City, the Dyn Opera Hotel should make your shortlist.

The seven-story building is unassuming from the outside, but the lobby and dining room look sleek with their marble floors and sophisticated, clean-cut decor. Located right in the thick of HCMC’s District 1, this hotel is sure to please both inside and out with its close proximity to several attractions.

All 38 rooms at the Dyn Opera Hotel are decorated in white, giving them a clean and brand new look and feel. Some of the in-room features include air conditioning, a flat-screen TV, slippers, minibar, complimentary bottled water, free toiletries, and a safe box. The bathrooms are also spotless and have textiles with non-slip flooring to ensure guest safety during and after use.

The restaurant on the hotel property is gorgeous and offers a wide variety of food selections, appealing to their visitors worldwide. There’s also an on-site convenience store for last-minute items, and the front desk offers ticket and tourism services to help you get the most out of your trip.

Check prices, availability, or book Dyn Opera Hotel

Megustas Suite Central Hotel

Room at Megustas Suite Central Hotel.

Set in Ho Chi Minh City’s busy District 1, Megustas Suite Central Hotel is a modest, modern, and conveniently located hotel perfect for traveling couples, families, or executives. Guests love this hotel for its trendy looks, comfortable rooms, and great value for the money to stay here. The architecture of the common areas and rooms are quite charming, thanks to its boutique-style classy decor.

All of the rooms on this property are designed with a fun blend of modern and traditional amenities, showcasing some nice present-day conveniences with some elegant flare too. Some of the in-room features include a flat-screen TV, minibar, complimentary toiletries, and bottled water.

Megustas Suite Central Hotel has an on-site restaurant that offers each guest a complimentary breakfast every morning. Still, there are many cafes and other eateries within just steps of the hotel too. The front desk staff speaks English and Vietnamese, making it easy to plan sightseeing tours or get other tips and recommendations.

Check prices, availability, or book Megustas Suite Central Hotel

Chez Mimosa Petite

Room at Chez Mimosa Petite.

This quaint little hotel is located on a quiet street in Ho Chi Minh City’s District 1, making it an ideal spot for people looking to be right in the metro area but not subjected to lots of noise. The sleek decor in the common areas provides a sense of comfort for guests, and the nightly rates are incredibly affordable but will make you feel like you’re splurging on super pricy accommodations.

Each room at Chez Mimosa Petite is very tidy with fresh linens, a spacious bathroom, and beautiful floors accompanied by wooden furniture. Many rooms have a balcony that looks over the city, allowing visitors to feel the town’s romance during sunrises and sunsets. Some room amenities include air conditioning, bottled water, a hairdryer, a minibar, a safe, and room service.

This hotel also has a few on-site features, including a restaurant with a complimentary breakfast each day, concierge service, a shared kitchen, and 24-hour front desk services. Guests also like to walk to a few nearby attractions such as the Ben Thanh Market and September 23 Park, which are only 10 minutes away.

Check prices, availability or book Chez Mimosa Petite

No matter which hotel you decide to go with, you are sure to have a great time exploring Ho Chi Minh City. These selections are not only suited to meet your needs for comfort and convenience, but your bank account is sure to thank you too.

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Top 10 Famous Tourist Destinations In Ho Chi Minh City

If you are planning to travel to Ho Chi Minh City but do not know what to play? Then you can immediately refer to the following 10 famous tourist destinations in Ho Chi Minh City!

Top 10 famous tourist destinations in Ho Chi Minh City Suoi Tien Amusement Park


: 120 Hanoi Highway, Tan Phu Ward, District 9, Ho Chi Minh City

Opening hours:

6:30 – 22:00

Ticket price:

120,000 VND/adult, 60,000 VND/child from 1 to 1.4m, children under 1m free

One of the hot places in Saigon that you should not miss during your trip is the Suoi Tien tourist area. This is a tourist destination in Saigon that integrates many unique forms of entertainment to help you comfortably have fun with your family and loved ones.

Suoi Tien Amusement Park

Suoi Tien Amusement Park

The works are built based on myths and legends of Vietnam such as Son Tinh – Thuy Tinh, Lac Long Quan – Au Co, King Hung, etc. Coming to this tourist destination, you will also enjoy discovering unique cultural stories. In addition, visitors will be extremely interested in many unique games such as Superfast car racing, watching 4D, 9D movies, star warships,… This is an amusement park that attracts a lot of visitors to Saigon.

Zoo and Botanical Garden


: 2 Nguyen Binh Khiem Street, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

Opening hours:

7:00 – 17:30

Ticket price:

60,000 VND/person over 1.3m tall, 40,000 VND/person from 1 to 1.3m tall, children under 1m are completely free

For visitors who are children, going with their parents to the zoo is the best trip. Zoo and Botanical Garden is one of the famous zoos in Ho Chi Minh City. There are more than 1000 animals and more than 2000 species of unique flowers and plants for you to visit comfortably.

Saigon Zoo and Botanical Garden

Saigon Zoo and Botanical Garden

In addition, this tourist attraction in Saigon also has many unique games such as tram, plane, fishing, spinning horse, train,… These games are extremely interesting for children. Definitely, this will be an ideal tourist destination if your trip has small children. In addition, this is also a beautiful check-in point for you to save moments when coming to this city.

Dam Sen Water Park


: No. 3 Hoa Binh, Ward 3, District 11, Ho Chi Minh City

Opening hours:

8:00 – 17:00

On summer days, the weather in Saigon is quite hot, if you are looking for tourist attractions in Saigon to cool off, Dam Sen amusement park will be a worthy choice.

Dam Sen Water Park

This park is quite large with a total area of ​​up to 50 hectares, divided into two areas, Dam Sen Park and Dam Sen Water Park. This is considered an entertainment paradise with a lot of diverse and unique games to help you comfortably have fun and cool off when traveling in Ho Chi Minh City. This Saigon tourist destination has up to 36 modern water game devices. Besides, visitors will be extremely interested in the wave pool with an area of ​​3000 m2 as an artificial beach giving you great experiences.

Dam Sen Water Park

In addition, when coming to this place, you will also have fun with many land games that bring the feeling of light to strong. Dam Sen Park will be a tourist destination in Saigon suitable for many different audiences and ages.

Artinus 3D Painting Museum


: No. 02 – 04, No. 9, Him Lam KDC, Tan Hung Ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City

Opening hours:

9:00 – 17:00 (Monday to Friday), 9:00 – 19:00 Saturday, Sunday, and public holidays

Ticket price:

200,000 VND/person

Artinus 3D Painting Museum is one of the most attractive tourist attractions in Saigon. Here, you can record extremely unique and interesting photos that are no different from real places.

Artinus 3D Painting Museum

The design of the 3D Artinus museum is like a real virtual world. Specifically, there are 9 areas with 9 different themes, you will experience no difference from reality in themes from water, plants, to fairy themes, art, etc. Artinus 3D Painting Museum promises to help you have great moments when visiting Ho Chi Minh City.

Artinus 3D Painting Museum

To have the most convenient trip to tourist attractions in Saigon, visitors should choose a resort hotel in the city center. Vinpearl Luxury Landmark 81 is located in a central location, owns a system of comfortable rooms, top resort services that promise to help you have the most relaxing moment. This hotel is also located in a central location, convenient for travelers to schedule travel to many other tourist attractions in Saigon.

Saigon River

Address: West of Ho Chi Minh City, in the territory of Cu Chi, Hoc Mon, District 12

River cruises operating hours: 18:00 – 20:00, boat hours: 20:00 – 21:00

Price of river tour: 100,000 VND/guest

Many tourists when coming to Ho Chi Minh City often choose for themselves a unique form of tourism, which is to walk along the Saigon River and see the city from many different angles. In addition, visitors can also choose to take a boat ride and admire the unique architectural works on both sides of the river.

Saigon River

Saigon River is a famous tourist destination in Saigon. This river is a section of the river with a length of up to 230km, originating in Southeast Cambodia. To get the most ideal experience, you should choose to enjoy it on speedboats, the journey can take several hours but it will bring you extremely interesting experiences. Besides, to get great experiences when traveling at this place, you can enjoy dinner on the boat. In addition, this is also a famous tourist destination in Saigon with a lot of fun activities and interesting dining.

Binh Quoi Ecotourism Area


: 1147 Binh Quoi, Ward 28, Binh Thanh District, Ho Chi Minh City

Opening hours:

9:00 – 17:00

Ticket price

: 130,000 VND/adult, 90,000 VND/child under 1m

If you are looking for tourist attractions near Saigon, the Binh Quoi eco-tourism area will be an interesting destination. This resort is only about 8km from the center of Ho Chi Minh City, very convenient for moving and making weekend trips.

Binh Quoi Ecotourism Area

Here, you can experience many interesting activities such as a picnic. Besides, the Binh Quoi tourist area also has a variety of services such as a buffet, family motels, huts… to help you relax and have fun.

Binh Quoi Ecotourism Area

Coming to Binh Quoi tourist destination, visitors seem to be returning to the peaceful place of the southern village. Here, familiar images are reproduced realistically such as monkey bridge, dinghy, water jar. This Saigon tourist destination also attracts visitors by many interesting games such as rowing, fishing, statue painting, swing game, etc.

Can Gio Ecotourism Area


: 30/4 Tourist Area, Thanh Thoi Street, Long Ha, Can Gio, Ho Chi Minh City

Opening hours

: 8:00 – 17:00

Ticket price:

35,000 VND/person

To be able to experience tourism in the only coastal district in Ho Chi Minh City, Can Gio is always a destination chosen by many tourists. Here, there are not only tourist attractions on the beach, but you also have the opportunity to visit the mangrove ecosystem as well as many beautiful island communes.

Can Gio Ecotourism Area

Can Gio eco-tourism area is an ideal Saigon tourist destination on weekend trips. Here, you will be immersed in the green nature, away from the noise and pressure of the city.

Can Gio Ecotourism Area

This Saigon tourist destination is about 50km from the city center, so visitors can travel by car or motorbike, both of which are very convenient. If you have the opportunity to stay with the Can Gio eco-tourism area for about 2 days, you should explore many ideal tourist attractions such as Vam Sat tourist area, monkey island, Thanh An island commune,…

Buu Long Pagoda


: 81 Nguyen Xien, Long Binh, District 9, Ho Chi Minh City

Opening hours:

8:00 – 18:00

Ticket price:


If you are a follower of spiritual tourism, then Buu Long Pagoda in Ho Chi Minh City will definitely be a tourist destination not to be missed. This temple has extremely decorative and splendid architecture like a castle, but it still retains the sacredness and majesty of the temple tourist destination.

Buu Long Pagoda

Buu Long Pagoda is a famous tourist destination in Saigon, about 25km from the city center. This temple was built in 1942, until 2007, the temple continued to be restored. The uniqueness of the temple’s architecture is the extremely harmonious combination of Indian and Thai cultures and the unique architectural style of the Nguyen Dynasty.

Coming to this tourist destination, visitors can not only admire the panoramic view of a splendid, beautiful white palace with exquisite architecture from the smallest details but also can take extreme “virtual life” photos. Every year, Buu Long Pagoda attracts a large number of tourists to pilgrimage and worship.

Nguyen Hue Walking Street


: Nguyen Hue Street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City

If Hanoi is famous for Hoan Kiem Lake walking street, in Saigon, you can also relax on weekends on Nguyen Hue pedestrian street. This street was officially put into operation and became a pedestrian street in 2005 with a length of 670m and a width of 64m. Here, visitors can walk comfortably and immerse themselves in many exciting activities of the people and youth of Saigon.

Nguyen Hue Walking Street

The street also creates a highlight with two large fountains, a system of green trees, bright lights,… giving you exciting experiences when you arrive in Saigon. At this Saigon tourist destination, you can also enjoy many delicious snacks sold around the street. This is really a tourist destination in Saigon at night not to be missed.

Starlight Bridge (Cau Anh Sao)


: Ton Dat Tien, Phu My Hung, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City

Opening hours:


Ticket price: Free

One of the famous tourist attractions in Saigon at night is the Starlight Bridge. This is a bridge connecting the Dao canal in Phu My Hung urban area and Crescent Lake. For those who love walking, exercising, and having fun in the evenings, Starlight Bridge is a destination not to be missed.

Starlight Bridge (Cau Anh Sao)

One of the special features of this bridge is that it is equipped with a water spray system with beautiful LED lights. If you have the opportunity to visit Saigon at night, you should come to this tourist destination to see the fountain. This moment has been recorded by many visitors with beautiful check-in photos.

In addition, at this tourist attraction in Saigon, the two sides of the bridge also have a very large square with a design simulating the moon and the sun. Here, visitors can comfortably travel, exercise, and relax with family and friends.

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Từ khoá: Top 10 famous tourist destinations in Ho Chi Minh City

Thien Hau Pagoda In Ho Chi Minh City

Locating at the heart of the city Thien Hau pagoda is the spiritual destination of Ho Chi Minh city that tourists should not miss when visiting here. The pagoda not only attracts local tourists, but also international visitors who come to explore and admire the hidden secret of this mysterious place. Despite having a busy urban vibe, Ho Chi Minh city still has Thien Hau pagoda as a peaceful corner that sooths the tired souls.

I. Legend and History of Thien Hau Pagoda

Thien Hau pagoda was built by a group of Chinese immigrants around 1760 and was restored many times. The pagoda is located in the central area of ​​the first Chinese center which is the area of Cho Lon today.

Source: Tran Ngoc Dung / Shutterstock

According to scholar Vuong Hong Sen, Thien Hau Thanh Mau (the main worshiped god in the pagoda) is named Lam Mac Nuong. She was born on March 23rd, 1044, under the reign of King Tong Nhan Tong. Then, at the age of eight, she could read, at eleven she became a Taoist practitioner. At the age of thirteen, she was blessed by the God and received God’s poem, then followed that to practice enlightenment.

Once, her father and 2 brothers was on a boat carrying salt to Jiangxi province to trade, a big storm came … At that time, she was weaving cloth next to her mother at home, but she was suddenly out of spirit to go to save her father and brothers.

She used her teeth to keep her father’s shirt, while her hands held her brothers. At that moment her mother called her and forced her to answer, so she had to open her lips to answer, which made the waves sweep away her father, and she could only only saved the two brothers. Since then, every time when the boat is in distress at sea, people called her. In 1110, the Song Dynasty ordained her “Thien Hau Thanh Mau”.

II. Structure and Architecture of Thien Hau Pagoda 1. Outside

Thien Hau pagoda is built according to the “seal” style a typical architectural style of the Chinese people. This is a combination of 4 linked houses forming a ground like the word “mouth” or the word “nation” (in Chinese). There are 3 rows of houses in the middle which are the front hall, middle hall and back hall. Between these rows of houses, there is a space called the “Thien Tinh” (sky well), which helps the pagoda space to be airy, make enough light for the back hall help escape the smoke of incense.

All the halls are decorated with flowers and birds patterns, along with the parallel sentences which is usually red and yellow to create warmth and trust for the visitors. The pagoda also has a 4-in-a-row continuous painting which depicts the animals of the “four spirits”. The pagoda is also embellished by the round statues and dense ceramic reliefs on the roof, porch, altars and the walls …

2. Inside

In the main hall which is called Thien Hau Cung, the statue of Lady Thien Hau is placed in the middle, while the two sides worshipped Kim Hoa Nuong Nuong (right side) and Long Mau Nuong Nuong (left).

The statue of lady Thien Hau was carved from a 1-meter high wooden block, long before the construction of the pagoda. It was worshiped in Bien Hoa first and then moved here in 1836. The two statues on the side are made of colored hard paper. All the statues are dressed in splendid embroidery. The auxiliary room is located on two main sides of the shrine of Quan Thanh, Jizō, and Than Tai.

In addition, the pagoda also has about 400 antiques, including 7 statues of deities, 6 stone statues, 9 steles, 2 small bells, 4 bronze incense burners, 1 stone incense burner, 10 diaphragms, 23 opposite sentences and 41 embossed painting … All these antiques are carefully crafted, meticulously with delicate lines.

3. Highlights

The highlight of Ba Thien Hau pagoda is the unique pendant hanging overhead. Visitors can buy rings, record their wishes or wishes on paper, then hang it up with am incense stick to plead with Mrs. Thien Hau.

Another special highlight of the temple is that all materials are imported from China, from precious woods to incense bowls, from reliefs to figurines,…. That partly shows that Ba Thien Hau pagoda is very important in the life of the Chinese people in Saigon.

III. Religious Activities in Thien Hau Pagoda

Everyday, Thien Hau Pagoda welcomes a lot of people come to pray for safety, prosperity… However, the most crowded times are the first and full moon days of each month and the Chinese New Year holidays. Especially, Ba’s Day (March 23rd lunar calendar) is considered the main festival of the pagoda.

On this day, many Chinese and Vietnamese people come to the pagoda to worship Lady Thien Hau. Right from the previous night, “Ba” bathing ceremony was held at the pagoda. In the morning of the 23rd, people hold the Lady procession ceremony: The statue of Lady Thien Hau would be placed in a palanquin, carried by young men and women dressed beautifully and parade through the streets around the pagoda. Following the palanquin, there are dragon boats, red boards with the names of the gods worshiped in the pagoda, dance teams which include: lion dance, dragon dance. Along with that, there would be ethnic music performances. creating a bustling scene in the neighborhoods around the pagoda.

4. Extra Tips on Visiting Thien Hau Pagoda

Since it’s a religious and quiet place, you should not wear the summer type,  revealing outfits like tank tops, tennis skirts and shorts,… The best option is plain and simple jeans and T-shirt, which makes it more comfortable for you to explore, while still showing your respect for the place.

Lady Thien Hau pagoda is one of the oldest historical pagodas of the Chinese people in Ho Chi Minh City. Besides the value of architectural art, sculpture and ancient artifacts, this place is also a place for gathering and mutual support of Vietnamese people of Chinese origin (Cantonese).

The story of Mrs. Thien Hau, through the teller, sometimes there are some differences, but mainly it is to promote a Chinese woman with filial piety, virtue, daring to sacrifice herself for everyone … educational purposes.

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Từ khoá: Thien Hau Pagoda in Ho Chi Minh City

What’s In The Brand New Food Street In The Center Of Ho Chi Minh City That Makes Young People Come And Go?

The newly opened food street in Ho Chi Minh City is not a strange place but the famous street of children – Nguyen Thuong Hien. I don’t know since when this small street is crowded with extremely diverse restaurants with dozens of choices. The birth of this food street promises to become a tourist destination combining unique experiences in Ho Chi Minh City.

An eye-catching Nguyen Thuong Hien Food Street sign at the intersection of Nguyen Dinh Chieu – Nguyen Thuong Hien.

The street is even more unique with a combination of pedestrian and vehicle traffic, so sellers can still serve on-site and can sell take-away.

The road is still open for cars but limited in number at both ends, in addition, tables and chairs are also displayed outside the blue line.

In addition, the food street is also divided by colors on the signs such as blue for places selling all kinds of drinks, red for snacks such as mixed bamboo, rice paper, fish balls…

Many restaurants are decorated with eye-catching colors that attract many diners to enjoy.

The street will be open from 19:00 to 23:00 daily, but the later it gets, the more crowded this street becomes. Visitors here are usually young people gathering at snack shops and families coming to enjoy the food. There are also tourists who come to visit as well as eat here.

The formation of the walking street was also formed from the fact that the favorite snack shops of young people gathered here. Therefore, it is not difficult to discover special dishes that make many of you fall in love. Let’s “take attendance” through the attractive dishes at the brand new food street:

The legendary snack on Nguyen Thuong Hien street is mixed chúng tôi a glance, there are also nearly a dozen shops selling children on the street.

Mixed rice paper is also indispensable in the list of restaurants on the street.

The milk tea shops are also quite “profitable” on this street, even though it’s just opening time, there are already customers sitting and drinking.

Roasted pork dish attracts many diners because of the attractiveness of each piece of meat.

A shop selling grilled chicken with salt and pepper also cannot escape the eyes of diners.

Many rice paper shops are mixed together, making it extremely “delicious”.

Another row of children on the road, this is also one of the oldest rows of children here.

U. Nhi (student) heard about the opening of this street and today had a practical experience like this which made her friend extremely excited: “Yesterday, I was afraid of crowds, so I came here today to experience it, although I still have a car in and out, but I can still walk comfortably. I didn’t expect that there would be such a variety of food here, I kept walking without knowing what to choose.”

Customers are crowded at snack bars right in the middle of the road.

And Mr. NTGH observed that: “Although there are not many shops, I still can choose many delicious dishes, especially this place is a paradise for children and milk tea, so many young people will like it. I went a bit early so it wasn’t crowded. It’s very crowded, it will be busier later at night.”

In addition to the snacks, there are many shops selling dishes for the main meal.

Although only initially opened, Nguyen Thuong Hien food street has successfully attracted a certain number of visitors. Although the night stalls have not filled the entire street, diners still appreciate the “massive” of the dishes and drinks here.

Photo: Internet (vinlove.net)

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Từ khoá: What’s in the brand new food street in the center of Ho Chi Minh City that makes young people come and go?

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