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Photo by diGital Sennin / Unsplash

Vietnam is an incredible country with so many different things to do and unique experiences to offer you. Being such a long, narrow country, it boasts a range of climates and landscapes, from breathtaking mountains to beautiful beaches. Whether you travel to Vietnam or live and work here, you should not miss these Top 42 unique Vietnam experiences.

1. Explore hidden coffee shops in run-down buildings.

Photo by jet de la Cruz / Unsplash

In Saigon, the unique characteristic of many coffee shops is that they are hidden in the alleyways or old buildings built in the French colonial era. Finding these is a treasure hunt, and the thrill of unlocking hidden gems is quite exciting.

2. Go Eco-friendly in Mango Bay, Phu Quoc.

This resort is entirely eco-friendly, with open showers, no air conditioning, and you can hear the waves from the ocean from inside the bungalows, so you feel in touch with the environment. Furthermore, a healthy breakfast is presented to you every morning, and the resort is entirely private, with some excellent areas for snorkeling.

3. Trek through Tanang-Phan Dung, the most beautiful trekking route in Vietnam.

This 55 km trekking route is found in south Dalat and is still unknown to many tourists. It passes through 3 provinces with stunning views of hills, waterfalls, and vistas of forests found along the way. Taking a tent and sleeping wild is a truly immersive experience, and you will feel like the only person on earth. However, trekking is always a harrowing, physically and mentally challenging experience. Make sure you and your teammates are well prepared for the journey. If you’re planning or interested in doing this experience, refer to our complete guide to Ta Nang – Phan Dung trekking route to understanding what to expect there.

4. Ride a quad bike on the dune in Mui Ne.

If you are a thrill-seeker, this has to be on your top Vietnam experiences bucket list. The ups and downs of the hills are exhilarating to explore, and the dunes offer you a stunning view of the countryside and the beach town Mui Ne. With endless dune for miles around, you can have unlimited fun in your very own sandbox.

5. Explore Tam Coc during rice harvesting season.

Similar to the boats that are used in the Mekong Delta, the locals of Tam Coc offer their services and show you around the nearby scenery. The surrounding landscape has been deemed so attractive that it is being used in the upcoming Kong: Skull Island movie. You can find out more about amazing Ninh Binh experiences here.

6. Visit the last helicopter site in Saigon.

29 Apr 1975, Saigon, South Vietnam — A CIA employee (probably O.B. Harnage) helps Vietnamese evacuees onto an Air America helicopter from the top of 22 Gia Long Street, a half-mile from the U.S. Embassy. — Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS

Moments before the North Vietnam forces captured Saigon, this helicopter landed on a makeshift helipad at the former American CIA building and tried to take as many people to safety as possible. This building is often missed by travelers but is an essential landmark in one of the war’s most cataclysmic events – The fall of Saigon. You can try to climb on the building and relive the experience.

7. Read a book at a tea house served by hearing-impaired staff in Hoi An.

This cafe is unique as all the staff who work here have impaired hearing, but this does not stop them from delivering brilliant customer service. They are always smiling, and you communicate with them using prepared instruction messages printed onto small cubes. Due to its nature, this cafe is very tranquil and is a perfect place to submerge in a book, with a lovely cup of tea.

8. Hop on Bana Hills cable car – longest and highest non-stop cable car in the world.

Bana hills were the entertainment and vacation capital for generals during the French colonial period. Nowadays, it is an excellent attraction for families and tourists as there is a theme park, some beautiful hotel resorts, and houses the longest non-stop cable car in the world. The high altitude offers peace and tranquillity and a welcome breath of fresh air. The cable car journey and destination at the top both provide breathtaking views down to the coast.

9. Shoot a gun in Cu Chi Tunnels.

Get a taste of the Vietnam war by shooting an Ak47 in the Cu Chi Shooting range. Cu Chi is a historic underground complex tunnel of more than 100km created by the Viet Cong guerrilla to avoid American bombs.

10. Paddle up a small creek on a wooden boat in Coconut Island in Hoi An.

Go to Cam Thanh coconut island for local Vietnam experiences, where you can paddle and learn how to row a boat and catch crabs just like locals do in Cam Thanh Hoi An. Although rowing the boat is good fun, it is much more complex than it looks, and the locals may end up having a little giggle at you!

11. Explore Mekong Delta local life and climb a Coconut tree.

The Mekong Delta is a top-rated tourist attraction and provides some of the best insight into traditional life in southern Vietnam. For example, coconuts are harvested in Vietnam for their juice and their fleshy inside. Climbing a coconut tree is made to look very easy by the locals that do it every day, but don’t be fooled. It’s not as easy as it seems.

12. Learn how to eat Banh Xeo (Vietnamese pancake).

Banh xeo is a delicious traditional Vietnamese dish, which requires a little bit of technique to enjoy properly. First, you are given all the ingredients separately to assemble into your own desired pancake. The most common way of eating it is to wrap the lettuce inside the pancake and then dip it in your preferred sauce.

13. Have a haircut on the side street.

These pop-up shops serve one customer at a time and will give you a quick and basic haircut for a very cheap price. Some of these shops have been open for a very long time and rely on loyal local customers to keep them in business.

14. Eat cursing noodles in Hanoi.

Hanoi is the best city for street food.

This is an extraordinary experience. In this restaurant, it is common practice for the owner to shout and yell at the customers if they are taking too long or if they order something that isn’t on the menu. Anthony Bourdain loved the experience on his show ‘Parts unknown.’  If you would like to experience it, make your way to 41 Ngo Si Lien, Hanoi, but do it sooner rather than later because threats were made to revoke the restaurant’s license after the episode was aired.

15. Climb Fansipan – the highest mountain in Indochina. 16. Eat hot goat pots

This is one of the most popular dishes that locals love to eat when they have a few drinks with their friends. The meat is very similar to lamb in both taste and texture. The grilled breasts are delicious and full of flavor, like grilled tofu.

17. Make friends with the minority in the north of Vietnam.

Sapa has many minority villages, and they have their language, which is spoken nowhere else in the world. Most of the inhabitants of the minority villages are farmers, and although the children do go to school, they spend a lot of their time helping out on the farm. The way of life is old school, and the clothing attire has not changed for hundreds of years.

18. Visit Tiger Cases in Con Dao Archipelago.

Similar to the famous Alcatraz Island, this political prison is located on Con Dao island. The tiger cages of Con Dao were discovered in 1970 and are well known for the brutality and poor treatment of the inmates. Prisoners were beaten with sticks from above and sprinkled with quick lime and water, which burnt their skin and caused blindness. More of Con Dao here.

19. Have breakfast on a boat at a floating market.

This experience is unique to the Mekong Delta. You can embrace life on the river and appreciate what the local people do every day to provide income for their families. The people living on the river sell many things from clothes to food, and they trade commodities a lot of the time. The food on the river is delicious, and you will not find a more authentic Vietnamese meal anywhere else.

20. Eat at a restaurant run by the North Korean government.

These restaurants are owned and operated by the North Korean government, and Vietnam is one of a few places to have some of these restaurants. Therefore, this is an opportunity to experience authentic North Korean dance, singing and food without going to North Korea.

21. Cross the road at Ben Thanh Market in Saigon.

Photo by bovin work / Unsplash

22. Catch a night train from Hanoi to Sapa.

The train line to Sapa was built by the Frenlovech in the colonial period and is still functioning today. This rickety train is relatively slow but offers a fun, old-school experience and even has bedded in some carriages.

23. Visit a rooftop bar in Saigon.

Saigon is known to have some of the best nightlife in Asia, and the pinnacle of this nightlife is found on top of a skyscraper in a rooftop bar. Rooftops bars are a must-go if you are a party goer and are looking to have a good time. The fantastic city skyline looks beautiful at night, with the light showing from the surrounding buildings. With new buildings being erected all the time, there is no shortage of places to visit.

24. Attend the love market in Sapa.

Every Saturday night in Sapa, young people gather at the love market and flirt and date. It’s a unique cultural aspect of the minority in Sapa. The guys attract girls through their dance, and others people sing, play games, and show affection.

25. Try Hoi An’s specialties in ancient houses.

All the shop names start with Com Ga (chicken rice) and end with the owner’s name.

Hoi An is the home best food in Vietnam. Cao Lau and Chicken rice are two popular dishes in Hoi An and are generally served in traditional shops that have been untouched for decades. It would be best if you visited these shops at least once to explore their secret recipes passed down through generations.

26. Di Nhau with A Vietnamese in a Quan Nhau (eat and party Vietnamese style) 27. Hop on the back of the Motorbike in Saigon.

Traffic in Vietnam can often be described as chaos, but once you have been on the back of a bike driving through, you soon realize that it is very organized chaos. If you find yourself wondering how the Vietnamese can maneuver their way through the madness, just hop on the back of a motorbike and have a taste of the craziness.

28. Sing at Karaoke bars.

The Vietnamese love karaoke almost as much as the Philippines. Karaoke brings people together and is a lot of fun to take part in and watch. If you want to meet new people, go to a karaoke bar, have a few drinks, and sing your heart out, you will make friends in no time.

29. Try Vietnamese “geisha” haircut and beauty treatment.

The unusual thing about this beauty treatment is that it is for men only. You can choose one of the beauty technicians to serve you, and you will feel very pampered by the time they are finished with you. They will flirt and give you massages, wash and cut your hair, and even a manicure or pedicure.

30. Try Egg coffee.

A unique drink popular in Hanoi, this drink is made with egg yolks, sugar, and condensed milk. It was created when there was not very much milk, and an egg was used as a replacement.

31. Negotiate with street vendors in Ben Thanh Market Saigon.

Ben Thanh sells traditional Vietnamese produce, from groceries to clothes, shoes, and tailor-made suits. This is an exhilarating experience but prepare to haggle if you want to buy anything. The vendors often mark up the price so much that you never know the actual value of the product. Most products have been at least doubled in price just due to the touristic nature of the market.

32. Party at a beer club.

Beer clubs are the Vietnamese equivalent of a western nightclub. The only real difference is you go to a beer club to eat, drink, and stand around your table. It will still have loud music, but there will be less queuing for drinks and dancing as most of the time will be spent around the table. Some beer clubs are situated relatively high up and boast incredible views from the top.

33. Tailor floral dresses in Hoi An.

Floral dresses are perfect for hot climates and are often very pretty.  People come to Hoi An to have their suits tailored. Still, they often don’t know that it is the best place to have floral dresses made if you want to be stylish in a way that won’t burn through your pocket, get a fashion catalog and head to Hoi An, the home of many talented tailors and shoemakers.

34. Eating Bun Cha on the street in Hanoi.

Hanoi is famous for its street food, and Bun Cha originated from Hanoi old quarter. It makes for a great meal to refuel as you are exploring the town. Forget Obama eating and drinking beer in a shop, the best way to enjoy bun cha and back to its roots on the side of the street, with small plastic chairs and a glass of traditional tea.

35. How to roll a perfect spring roll.

This is the second most popular roll dish just after sushi. But have you ever made it yourself? It is even more challenging if you roll sloppy sushi and it doesn’t taste as good as a tight one. It’s a balancing act to make sure the ingredients are correctly proportioned to make the roll less fat and thin.

36. Make Vietnamese coffee. 37. Travel on an old cog railway that is only available in a few countries. 38. Walkthrough Cu Chi tunnel.

Cu Chi tunnels are a network of connected underground tunnels used by the Viet Cong as hiding spots during the Vietnam War. If you are brave enough, you can go down into the tiny tunnels and feel what it would be like to live in these conditions. It’s not for the faint-hearted! This is one of the unique Vietnam experiences that you barely find elsewhere.

39. Spend a night at Hotel Intercontinental Danang.

Going to this hotel will not be hard to understand why it was voted the best resort hotel in Asia-Pacific. It has stunning views, its very own private beach, and a lot of thought put into every detail. Spending a night here is very expensive and will set back $500 per night, so if you don’t have money, you can always go here for coffee to see the view from above.

40. Climb Lung Cu Flagpole, the northernmost point of Vietnam.

Explore the furthest North of Vietnam by visiting the Lung Cu flag pole in Ha Giang. Situated on the border between China and Vietnam, the flagpole marks the most northern point of Vietnamese territory. The flagpole areas offer stunning views of the village and rice fields and are great opportunities for photos.

41. Travel from South to North Top Gear style. 42. Rent a local.

Photo by Tran Phu / Unsplash

Đăng bởi: Lê Ngoại Ngữ

Từ khoá: 42 incredible things to do in Vietnam you can’t leave without trying

50 Incredible Things To Do In Vietnam In 2023 (Part 2)

21. Discover An Almost Endless Number Of Tombs (Hue)

When you research things to do in Hue, you’ll soon discover that there are a stupidly large number of tombs surrounding the historic capital of Vietnam.

These contain the bodies of the once-emperors of Vietnam who ruled the country for a few hundred years.

Many of the tombs are a part of their own personal luxury retreats located outside of the busy city.

A few of them contain lakes and temples, as well as walled grounds that have all been perfectly manicured and looked after ever since.

They are really nice to visit, but it’s not worth going to them all as it soon becomes incredibly tiring and tedious in the hot midday sun.

22. Visit An Eerie Abandoned Water Park (Hue)

The abandoned waterpark, just outside Hue is one of the more unusual and unexpected things to do in Vietnam.

The waterpark, called Ho Thuy Tien Lake, was built in the early 2000s and was only open for a few weeks in 2004 before being suddenly shut down.

It seems like a real shame that it’s no longer open as they clearly spent millions of dollars developing it and I imagine it would be really popular these days amongst backpackers!

Either way, it’s still worth a visit and you can pick up some really cool photos whilst there.

23. Discover Paradise Cave (Phong NHA)

By far one of the best Vietnam travel spots is the extraordinary cave located in Phong NHA, known as Paradise Cave.

The drive out to it is once again incredible, as you pass through some of the nicest countryside we discovered anywhere in Vietnam.

The whole region in Phong Nha is very underdeveloped and rural, making it such a nice place to discover.

Either way, once you reach Paradise Cave, you are then amazed by the sheer size and beauty of this large underground cavern.

24. Sail Down Phong NHA’s Other Breathtaking Cave (Phong NHA)

The other popular cave in Phong NHA that is open to tourists is known simply as Phong NHA caves.

This one is closer to the main strip of hotels in Phong NHA and is only accessible via boat.

Because you need to book onto a tour boat to take you there, this cave is a bit pricier than the other but equally as impressive in its own right.

They take you on an enjoyable 45 minute ride downstream where you can talk to the guide and get to learn more about the caves and the history of the region.

It turns out our guy had his house destroyed by the storm that passed by just a couple days before, but he was surprisingly fine about the whole thing!

Once you arrive at the cave, they then take you further inside.

I think how far you go depends on the time of year and how high the water level is.

Either way, before leaving you get chance to step out onto dry land and walk around part of the cave before reboarding your boat and sailing back up to town.

25. Wonder Down Train Street In The Heart Of Hanoi (Hanoi)

One of the most photographed areas in Hanoi is Train Street.

The train comes by twice a day and literally runs right past peoples windows on either side of the tracks.

It’s crazy to think that a train operates like this in the middle of somewhere so crowded and as busy as Hanoi Old Quarter.

But, well it does and it makes for a wonderful place to get some quirky photos!

26. Head Out For Some Day Treks

As you might imagine, the breathtaking countryside of Vietnam makes for ample hiking opportunities.

Many of the nicest trails can be found in and around the more mountainous areas like Sapa.

Generally speaking, these regions are also far cooler than others as they are higher in the mountains and away from the incredible heat of coastal cities.

27. Escape The City And Drive Up A Mountain (Hanoi)

Though there are a few things to see in Hanoi, the most enjoyable part of our stay here was hiring a moped and heading out for the day to Ba Vi National Park.

It is roughly an hour and a half drive outside of the city and, once you arrive, you can then spend about another half hour to an hour driving up the mountain that lies inside of the park.

As you get higher, the views get more and more spectacular and it really does feel like an entirely different world away from the hustle and bustle of Hanoi.

Halfway up, you come across an old abandoned church, as well as outhouses and homes that were once occupied as holiday homes for rich Vietnamese folk.

Once again, this seems to be one of the lesser-known things to do in Vietnam, but if you are wondering what to do in Vietnam and want to escape the busy cities and instead see some rural paradise, then I really recommend this.

28. Take A Stroll Around Hoan Kiem Lake (Hanoi)

Another thing you must do during your time in Hanoi, is to visit the Hoan Kiem Lake.

This is a large, freshwater lake that sits right in the heart of Hanoi’s historical centre.

We found it to be a wonderful break from the noise and clamour of the city around it, and is particularly popular on evenings and weekends, especially for families.

When we were there on one Saturday night, they seemed to have a giant market going on, with stalls and vendors located all around the lake, and even further into the streets as well.

It was the perfect place to stroll around with friends we had met and to pick up a bunch of gifts and souvenirs.

For me, the best part was at the southern end of the lake, where they had a group of people hiring out small buggy cart contraptions that you ride around.

Though they’re probably aimed mostly at kids, they were so much fun and we all had a go.

It turns out that this is a famous Hanoi Night Market that is held almost every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night.

29. Go For A Cruise Out On Halong Bay (Halong Bay)

Halong Bay is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and by far one of the best places to visit in Vietnam.

Every year it draws in hundreds of thousands of tourists, right through from budget backpackers to travelling couples on a honeymoon getaway.

There are more than a hundred different tour operators offering cruises within Halong Bay.

These range from cheap 1 day tours of the bay to 3 or 4 night cruises on luxury 5 star yachts.

There really is a cruise to suit all kinds of traveller and, though it has become a little crowded in recent years, it is still something you simply have to do whilst in Vietnam.

We opted for a cruise run by Rosa Cruise which ended being a perfect choice for us.

It was a 2 day, 1 night tour which was middle of the range in terms of price, but certainly above average in what was offered.

30. Pick Yourself Up A Pearl Necklace (Halong Bay)

One of the great things to do in Halong Bay is to check out a pearl farm that exists solely out on the water.

For us, this was a part of our organised tour and it was very interesting getting to learn more about how pearls are grown and turned into high-quality jewellery.

Whilst on a tour of the pearl farm, you also get the chance to pick yourself up some handcrafted jewelry that has been made right there.

My knowledge of pearls is absolutely useless, but they did seem quite reasonably priced, especially seeing as you get to witness the pearls being grown right before your eyes.

Picking up a pearl necklace will certainly prove to be one of the more expensive things to do whilst in Vietnam, but there will be a great story behind the piece you decide to buy.

31. Go For A Spot Of Sea Kayaking (Halong Bay)

It’s possible to go sea kayaking in a few different spots throughout Vietnam, but we had the chance to do this on Halong Bay.

Again, this was a part of the tour, but it’s an awesome experience being able to kayak amidst such a famous and truly breathtaking landscape.

Plenty of tour operators include sea kayaking as a part of their tours and it’s great fun if you’re there with a big group of friends.

32. Spend A Night On Cat Ba Island (Halong Bay)

When out exploring Halong Bay, you’ll discover another one of the most popular Vietnam tourist spots … Cat Ba Island.

This is the largest of a collection of more than 360 islands located in Halong Bay and is a popular place to stop for a night or two whilst out on a Halong Bay tour.

It is a popular place for relaxing, as there are tonnes of sandy beaches here as well as modern restaurants and hotels.

You can charter a route out to Cat Ba Island if you just want to stay there and not cruise the bay.

Alternatively, book onto a cruise that drops you off there halfway through your tour and then picks you backup a day or two later.

33. Eat Out In Style Every Night

By far one of the best parts of any Vietnam trip is the ability to eat out whenever you want!

As we travel on a budget in most places, we are always conscious of overspending on food.

And in places like South America, we had to try and cook our own meals wherever possible.

But in Vietnam, everything is so cheap that you can eat out for just a few dollars every single night!

Local Vietnamese restaurants are actually very nice and it’s a great way to discover true homemade Vietnamese dishes, most commonly Pho (a type of noodle soup).

But there are plenty of westernised restaurants as well, all still very cheap.

Our favourite being Hard Rock Cafe in Ho Chi Minh City which ended up being cheaper than Hard Rock Cafe’s elsewhere in the world and they also had a Queen tribute band that night!

34. Enjoy The Comfort Of Their Sleeper Buses

One of the best ways to explore Vietnam is to buy yourself a hop-on, hop-off bus ticket in one of the major cities.

These are very cheap and for around 30 dollars you can visit all of the major towns and cities across Vietnam.

What’s also nice is that they are very comfortable buses, by far the best buses you’ll find anywhere in Southeast Asia!

We have taken a lot of buses now through Asia, but it was such a pleasant surprise that for all long journeys, you are able to actually relax and sleep in their sleeper buses.

This might not excite you as much, but the novelty and comfort meant that, for me, they more than deserve a place on this list!

35. Buy A Moped And Drive Through The Country

Alternatively, the best way to discover all of the breathtaking places in Vietnam is to buy your own moped and drive through the country!

We hired a moped in every spot we stopped at and it was so much fun.

Unfortunately, we were unable to buy one as there wouldn’t have been enough room for both us and our bags.

There’s plenty of room for one person and a bag, but Cazzy isn’t confident enough to drive a moped.

However, I fully intend on heading back to Vietnam one day and completing this epic road trip myself!

36. Drink Beer For Less Than 50 Cents!

Easily one of the top ten things to do in Vietnam is to see how cheap you can find local beer!

Don’t worry, it’s really not that bad and you can get glasses of beer for even less than 50 cents in many places.

Hoi An proved to be a great spot for finding cheap, great tasting beer and we even saw a group of local students pre-drinking in the place we were having dinner!

37. Sail Down The Mekong Delta

This is another one of the few things to see in Vietnam that we were unable to do on our trip.

I’ve heard a lot about the Mekong Delta, which is a large maze of swamps and rivers that exist in the south of the country below Ho Chi Minh City, and I can’t wait to visit.

Taking a Mekong Delta tour is a crucial part of my next Vietnam itinerary.

Here, you get the chance to hire out a boat and sail through the never-ending maze of passages and waterways.

People live on the Mekong Delta their whole lives and have floating houses, schools and shops and rely on local fisherman to feed the families.

38. Stay At Hotels You Couldn’t Afford Anywhere Else!

For less than 10 dollars per person, you’ll find modern, clean and spacious rooms that you will find hard to get in other countries.

As a standard, we only started staying at hotels with a minimum of 8.5 reviews of chúng tôi as well as a swimming pool!

If you don’t travel on a budget, then this point might not impress you as much, but for us, the freedom of being able to travel in style and forgo cheap hotels and hostels for a few weeks was awesome!

39. Get A Glimpse Of Ho Chi Minh Himself (Hanoi)

That’s right, Ho Chi Minh is a real person!

The city used to be called Saigon, up until 1976 when it was renamed after their revolutionary leader.

Ho Chi Minh was a fascinated individual and it would take to long here to dig into the role he played in running Vietnam and helping to form the Viet Cong.

Still, one of the top things to do in Hanoi is to go and see the mausoleum in which he is buried.

40. Capture Some Truly Breathtaking Photography

Vietnam is a photographer’s paradise, and is indeed one of the most spectacularly beautiful countries we have been to so far.

When I think of Vietnam, I think of lush green forests of palm and rolling mountains.

There are also some of the most spectacular beaches you’ll find anywhere in Asia, with golden sandy shores and crystal blue water.

My favourite spot for taking photos was probably Halong Bay, largely because we were very lucky with the weather and had calm water and clear blue skies the whole time we were there.

41. Take A Vietnamese Cooking Class

One of the things you must do whilst in Vietnam is to take a cooking class.

Cazzy and I were both big fans of Vietnamese food, largely because it wasn’t very spicy; especially compared to how spicy everything is in nearby countries like India.

Perhaps my favorite was Vietnamese curries which don’t rely on heavy amounts of coconut, but instead are a much nicer blend of herbs and spices.

Vietnamese spring rolls are also a simple favourite and we learnt how to make these whilst on our Halong bay cruise tour.

You’ll find cooking classes being offered in almost every major town or city in Vietnam.

42. Pick Up Some Cheap Clothes

Aside from suits, which I talk more about below, no trip to Vietnam would be complete without picking yourself up a few knock-off pieces of clothing.

You’ll find clothes markets dotted all across Vietnam and almost all major cities seem to have a good few stalls selling their wares.

We chose the markets in Hoi An as a great place to pick up some new bits and Cazzy bought herself a couple pairs of shoes.

Though they are clearly knock-offs of the real brands, they are made to a very high standard and will last just as long as the real thing.

Many of the largest global clothing and footwear manufacturers operate in Vietnam, so there’s a good chance that what you’re buying might even be a defect product that simply didn’t meet the strict quality guidelines of the retailer.

43. Discover Breathtaking Sunrises And Sunsets

One of the best things to see and do in Vietnam is to witness the spectacular sunrises and sunsets.

If you’re high in the mountains, in somewhere like Dalat, then you will find that it is typically much more cloudy and overcast so you don’t get to appreciate these as often.

However, if you’re making your way along the coast, then you’ll see plenty of gorgeous sunrises and sunsets on your tour of the country.

My favourite were those that occurred over rice paddies and fields whilst we were driving back on our moped for the day.

Halong Bay is also well famed for its sunsets, and you can make full use of these from a sun lounger on board your chosen cruise.

44. Get Yourself A Full Body Massage

Just like Thailand, there are massage parlours located all across Vietnam, and they are far more affordable than you will find elsewhere in the world.

We opted for a typical Thai massage when in Bangkok, and I found the whole experience to be tantamount to abuse!

What with the Thai ladies walking all over you and bending you this way and that!

By contrast, old-fashioned Vietnamese massages are based more around massaging out knots, as opposed to contorting your body into different shapes.

Prices start from as low as 3 dollars and you can get a simple foot massage for even less.

45. Discover Breathtaking Rice Paddies And Wave To The Locals

As I’ve already mentioned, one of the best things to do in Vietnam is to hire a moped and drive yourself about.

One area I’m particularly annoyed we didn’t get to see whilst in Vietnam was Sapa.

In the coming years, Cazzy and I fully intend on heading back to Hanoi, just to hire a moped and take a 1 or 2 week journey all around the very north of Vietnam; taking time to appreciate the rice paddies and landscape of areas like Sapa.

46. Take Time To Relax

Vietnam truly is a spectacularly beautiful country, and it is known for having a hot, peaceful climate, as long as you avoid monsoons that do crop up at certain times of the year.

As such, no Vietnam trip would be complete without taking time to relax and unwind in the sun.

I recommend taking a few days to chill on one of the many beautiful Vietnam beaches located all up the country.

For me, I found Nha Trang to be particularly nice as the whole city is catered towards holiday goers from Russia.

47. Have Yourself A Suit Made

Another one of the more famous things to do in Vietnam is to get yourself a suit made.

Compared to the prices you’ll pay back home in countries such as the UK, handmade suits in Vietnam are incredibly affordable.

They typically require around 24 hours to make the suit, so you need to go to the store on the day before in order for them to take all of the measurements and for you to decide on the exact style and materials.

I can’t recommend an exact store, because there are literally hundreds and hundreds of them in the major cities.

However, Hoi An is particularly well known for the local tailors, so this could be a good place to start.

48. Brush Up On Your Scuba Diving Skills

As well as offering an assortment of high octane water sports, Vietnam is also a popular destination for scuba diving.

Compared to other countries, it is quite affordable to learn how to scuba dive in Vietnam and to get your qualifications.

Some of the best Vietnam tourist destinations for scuba diving include Nha Trang, Phu Quoc Island, Vinh Hy Bay and Hoi An.

It’s probably worthwhile doing your research online before you arrive in order to find somewhere offering the best scuba diving opportunities at your chosen time of year.

49. Chill Out At Highland Coffee

Whether we were getting some work done on our laptops or unwinding after a busy day spent exploring, one of our favorite things to do was to find the local Highland Coffee.

50. Take A Train Ride

There are so many things to see in Vietnam, that taking a train ride is actually a great way to help you discover more of the countryside.

With just a few weeks in the country, it’s certainly not possible to travel everywhere, but I would recommend taking the train, as opposed to flying, as it means you miss out on far less.

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15 Free Things To Do In Hanoi, Vietnam

Travelling is not just for wealthy people, it is also suitable for individuals with meager incomes if they know how to spend money correctly. When choosing Hanoi, Vietnam for your holiday trip, it is a wise idea as this country has cheap living costs. If you are wondering how to enjoy your trip while using only a little money, check out our list of free things to do in Hanoi for more information.

1. Join A Free Walking Tour


A Hanoi free walking tour is something you may not be able to find in other cities in Vietnam. This kind of tourism benefits both the tourists and the service providers. Normally, the tour guides are local people who want to improve their English skills. Thus, besides saving a large amount of money, you can have a chance to discover the unique parts of the city thanks to that others may not know.

2. Bike and Walk Around Hoan Kiem Lake and West Lake

If you have ever heard of Hanoi, Vietnam, you may have known about the two famous lakes named Hoan Kiem Lake and West Lake. They are such ideal places to have a stroll at any time of the day.

In the morning, there are locals running, walking and exercising in the vicinity of the lakes. In the afternoon and evening, there are youngsters dancing, singing and doing so many different activities, which creates an energetic atmosphere for visitors to enjoy.

Besides being a great hub for entertainment, the two lakes also have a lot of stunning attractions that worth a pay to visit such as The Huc Bridge, Pen Tower, and Tran Quoc Pagoda. You can explore what is inside these places and take some pictures if you want.

3. Night Live Music on Hoan Kiem Lake Walking Street

Similarly to Ho Chi Minh city, Hanoi now has a street that does not allow any vehicles to go through during weekend evenings, its name is Dinh Tien Hoang Street. Thus, you will see this place very crowded with both locals and visitors on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. They come to enjoy the fresh air of the city, walk and chat with each other.

At this Hoan Kiem Lake’s Walking Street, there are also a lot of kinds of entertainment organized for everyone at different ages to join. The old will dance or exercise gently, the middle age will demonstrate some jazz/rock performances and the young will play Vietnamese traditional activities or cover K pop dancing.

4. Take Photos of Crazy Traffic on Vietnam’s Streets

It is such a good time for you to practice your photography skills as Hanoi has a lot of beautiful corners to be captured, especially when the sun is going to set. Nevertheless, remember to only take pictures of the view, not the other people who want to have private moments.

5. Explore Hanoi’s Old Quarter


Hanoi’s Old Quarter is full of colorful handicrafts as well as art pieces made by Vietnamese skillful artists. Your free things to do here will include contemplating carvings, paintings, patterns and ink drawings in several shops along the streets. The products sold here are so appreciative that you may not be able to find in other sites in Vietnam.

Hanoi’s Old Quarter is also a famous place for unique coffee shops that serve a lot of different drinks with chic decor and soothing music. You can also discover more about Vietnamese coffee culture here.

6. Try Out The Thrill of Hanoi Train Street

Updated: Hanoi train street has been closed in September 2023

Hanoi Train Street, which is located between Kham Thien and Le Duan Street, is a cool place to visit in Hanoi, Vietnam. It is a narrow alley with houses in various designs around. Every day, there will be a train going through at certain times. And people will stay indoors to avoid being hit.

Because of this unique feature, many coffee shops are opened to cater to a wide range of tourists. Then, from the balcony of the house, tourists can take some pictures to capture the moment of the train passing through.

7. Window Shopping at Hanoi Night Weekend Market

Hanoi boasts for so many active night markets selling a wide range of different items such as clothes, accessories, and fabrics. There will be illuminating lights, colorful stuff and lots of people selling and purchasing at Hanoi weekend night market. There will also be live performances about Vietnamese culture so you do not have to buy a ticket at Hanoi Opera House to enjoy this kind of tunes.

8. Visit Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum

This mausoleum keeps the body of Ho Chi Minh, the most beloved president of Vietnam. It is a 2-kilometer walk from West Lake and is surrounded by numerous green trees. When tourists come to visit Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, they will see a lot of soldiers outside and inside the mausoleum. They wear the same uniform and always remain solemn looks.

In the vicinity of Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, there is a museum that exhibits the things Ho Chi Minh used in the past. Then, tourists will have a deeper insight into the Vietnam war.

9. Admire Beautiful Vintage Architecture in French Quarter

You may wonder why Vietnam has a French Quarter. This is because, in the past, Vietnam was under French colonization for such a long time. During that time, the French government constructed so many buildings instead of temples and pagodas with an aim to manipulating Vietnamese people.

Until now, this architecture still remains and are used as tourist attractions demonstrating how the life of Vietnamese people during the war. Some of the most well-known ones are Hoa Lo Prison, Hanoi Opera House, and Vietnamese Women’s museum.

10. Visit Pagodas and Temples Around Hanoi


It is not hard to find temples or pagodas around Hanoi as it is known as a historical place in Vietnam. If you are keen on Vietnamese history and rituals, you can head to Bach Ma Temple, Ngoc Son Temple, and One Pillar Pagoda. They are open for tourists to visit all year round without having to pay fees.

But the most famous pagoda in Hanoi is Perfume Pagoda (Huong Pagoda) which owns a massive entrance compared to the others. Inside the pagoda, there are statues, shrines, stalagmites, and stalactites that are made of greenstone. Normally, tourists coming here to pray for a lucky year with lots of good things to come. The best time to visit this pagoda is between January and April when the locals organize Huong Pagoda Festival.

11. Soak in Nature in Botanical Gardens

Being a busy city does not mean Hanoi does not have a place full of green trees and fresh air. If you want to get out of the hustle and bustle of the central city, you can go to visit some botanical gardens such as Bach Thao Park and Hanoi Botanic Garden.

The former is located near Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum. It has existed for over 1 hundred years and is used as nature’s paradise for both local people and tourists from other places. The latter is on the northwest side of Hanoi and is known as the lungs of the whole city. The interesting thing about this park is that you can find some rare plants to conduct research for your study.

12. Practice Tai-Chi Free at Hoan Kiem Lake

Tai-Chi is a Chinese form of martial arts that is used for self-defense. However, Hanoian practices it every day as exercise. When jogging around Hoan Kiem Lake, you will see groups of people, especially the elderly, doing movements exactly like the ones at Kung Fu Hustle movie. Then, approaching them and ask whether you can join them or not. It’s pretty sure that you will be warmly welcomed and taught the simple tai-chi for free.

13. Get on Long Bien Bridge


Long Bien bridge was built to connect 2 districts in Hanoi. Going across the bridge, you will have an opportunity to see some of the best views of Hanoi such as the Red River and the banana fields in the middle of it. You can rent a scooter to drive or just walk across, stop in the middle to relax and grab some food and enjoy the fresh atmosphere on the bridge.

14. Make Friends with Local

Making friends with the locals in a new country is one of the best ways to immortalize your visit to this place. The locals may not be good at English but you can still hear so many interesting stories about Hanoi from them. They can also take you to some less known areas that others may skip when coming to Vietnam.

But remember when someone approaches you and tries to convince you to buy some goods such as souvenirs, fruits or pancakes, politely refuse them, only purchase things in case you really want them.

15. Learn Basic Vietnamese Phrases

Learning some basic phrases in different languages is a staple for every visitor. A new friend from Vietnam can teach you some easy words such as “Hello”, “Good morning”, “Thank You” for free. Just walk around Hoan Kiem Lake and find someone who is enjoying their free time, ask them if they can teach you their language, and then, start your lesson.

You should ask the students in Hanoi as they are better at English than the older and they are very friendly and willing to help any foreigners.

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12 Indian Restaurants In Vietnam You Should Visit To Taste Desi Flavours

Vietnamese food is greatly influenced by Indian spices and Indian cuisines – which also makes Indian food very popular among the locals as well. You can find Indian restaurants in every nook and corner of all of its major cities. There are just too many Indian restaurants in Vietnam – as an Indian tourist you will never be very far from sapid Indian flavours if you get a sudden craving for it.

12 Indian restaurants in Vietnam

Here is a list of Indian restaurants in Vietnam that won’t let you miss your gastronomic cravings for Indian food while you are travelling to this beautiful country:

1. Dalcheeni Hanoi

This has to be one of the top Hanoi Indian restaurants in Vietnam. The restaurant has an extremely large menu for Indian dishes and especially the vegetarian options are quite extensive – a paradise for seekers of Indian vegetarian food in Vietnam. The ambiance is vibrant with alluring interior decorations making it one of the best Indian restaurant in Vietnam. Arun and Shaun are the owners.

2. Saigon Indian Restaurant

3. Shri Natraj Indian Cuisine

Vibrant, brightly lit and very warm welcoming ambiance will make you fall in love with this place. Shri Natraj is run by an Indian owner – Rahul who is very courteous, polite and welcoming for the visitors. Rahul has tried his best to keep the interiors charming with a nice Indian touch to it and the sumptuous food is simply delicious and pure authentic Indian.

4. Baba’s Kitchen

One of the most popular Indian restaurant in whole Vietnam – Baba’s kitchen in Vietnam is a delight for Indian food lovers and Indian tourists in this part of the world. Situated in Bui Vien this restaurant is very popular among international tourists and isn’t just restricted to Indian travelers. This popular restaurant has to be one of the best serving Indian food in Saigon and is certainly a top South Indian restaurant.

5. Namaste India

A fascinating and cozy fine dine Indian restaurant in the heart of Bui Vien street. Its mouth watering delicious delicacies would have just the right amount of spices and oil and will make you feel like it’s homemade. Starters Pakoras are delectable – hot, spicy and served with aromatic chutneys. Weekends here are extremely colorful, vibrant and it will usually have a live band playing great music.

6. Tandoor Indian Restaurant

Clean, great elegant interiors and eclectic ambiance with nice Indian soft music in the background set the stage right for a very delectable dining at Tandoor Indian restaurant in Vietnam. Easy to locate the restaurant is right next to the famous Saigon Prince hotel and has ample of the free parking area. The staff here is friendly and courteous which communicates in English with ease.

7. Taj Mahal Restaurant

Near to bitcoin cafe – this is not a very huge place but certainly a huge Indian menu – with every classic north Indian cuisine you can ask for. The restaurant is inside a small street and this may be little difficult to find initially but once you are here you will want to be here again and again for the sumptuous north Indian cuisines this restaurant serves.

8. Ganesh Indian Restaurant

Excellent location situated at the heart to the city – this one restaurant is a place where Indian travelers will feel at home. What’s more is the manager can speak in Hindi making you very comfortable if you are a Hindi speaker. Seatings are very comfortable with enjoyable ambiance. Indian cuisines here will be a having a local Vietnam touch to it with mild spice and flavours.

9. Namaste Ha Noi

This has to be one of the best Hanoi Indian restaurants. Unbelievably charming ambiance with exotic interiors, serving the fine authentic Indian cuisines. The restaurant’s large menu with cuisines from both North and South India – will make you think a lot on what to order. The owner is Indian – Mr. Gopi and often he will come down to your table, will try to make your dining experience comfortable.

10. Ashoka

Situated in an upscale locality, this one is a delightful elegant fine dining restaurant with clean graceful interiors. Staff is nice and some of the servers understand English but nonetheless will do everything to keep their customers happy. The manager is a mid aged Indian who is very kind and courteous. Apart from Indian they also have few palatable Japanese cuisines.

11. Bollywood Indian Cuisine

This is a no-frills restaurant with extremely fast service and is surprisingly affordable. One of the best place serving north and south Indian food in Sky Garden area this serves fresh flavorsome Indian cuisines. This restaurant serves appetizing Indian flavourful cuisines. Bollywood Indian Cuisine is a perfect value for money.

12. Couple Star Indian Restaurant

Couple Star Indian restaurant in Vietnam is a small but a very vibrant and colorful eating joint. The best part is the food served here is always very fresh, hot and full flavored. Simple no frills decor you can expect fast delivery of your toothsome Indian dishes. The restaurant is extremely affordable if you compare it to other Indian restaurants in Vietnam.

Indian restaurants in Vietnam are extremely warm, friendly and welcoming. Authentic Indian food, the right mix of spices and herbs are used here as this place was right in India – probably this is due to the fact that all its head chefs are Indian and are very well experienced. Visit Vietnam at the earliest to taste these culinary delights.

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Thai Vi Temple: Everything You Need To Know About This Gem In Vietnam

A peaceful place hidden amidst the high mountains and rice fields, Thai Vi Temple is an offbeat temple which is not known to many tourists, hence it remains secluded. It is a perfect place to enjoy the beauty of nature, to feel tranquility and peace, and to seek the blessings of the God. Built by King Tran Thai Tong in the year 1258. The cultural and architectural value of this temple is very high. Made from the stone carvings, altar and other worshipping items, Thai Vi Temple looks aesthetically beautiful.

Best Time To Visit Thai Vi Temple

Thai Vi Temple can be visited at any time of the year. Weather wise February to April and August to October is the best time to visit Thai Vi Temple in Vietnam. But if you are someone who wants to indulge in the festivities of the Thai Vi Temple festival then 14th to 17th March is the best time when the whole temple is decorated and there are celebrations all around the temple.

Tourists can participate in various folk and cultural games that are played during this festival like wrestling, lion dance, human chess, dragon dance and boat racing. We bet that you won’t ever forget the lovely aura around this temple during the festival time.

History Of Thai Vi Temple In Vietnam

The history of Thai Vi Temple in Vietnam is very interesting and unique. King Tran Thai Tong was the one who built this temple in the year 1258 after defeating the Chinese invaders. Historians believe that king after winning the battle, left everything for his son and traveled to Ninh Binh Province. Mesmerized by the beauty of the Ngo Dong River, he built a small temple at the foothill in Van Lam Cave. The temple worshipped the deity of Buddha and three saints.

The temple was used by the king for meditation purpose through which he helped the local people build a prosperous life. Several reconstructions took place, the latest was in the year 2006. The temple now worships King Tran Thai Tong, his son and wife.

Things To Do And See At Thai Vi Temple

The architecture appeal of the Thai Vi Temple is quite impactful as the temple is built out of stone carvings and the steeple from the ironwood. One of the worth-noticing things in Thai Vi Temple is the use of monolithic greenstone for the construction of altas, incensory, and other worshipping items.

One of the best things to know about Thai Vi Temple is that there is a magnificent 5 great entrance called the Ngu Dai Mon with stone pillars standing in six parallel rows. At the entrance there is also a massive dragon courtyard which is 40 meters wide built in greenstones. There is also a sanctuary where the statues of the Tran Dynasty rulers are placed for worshipping.

One of the best things to do in Thai Vi Temple is to attend the festivities of the Thai Vi Temple festival that takes place every year from 14th to 17th March. You can even take part in the cultural games that takes place during this time of the year. Wrestling, lion dance, human chess, dragon dance and boat racing are some of them.

Places To Stay Near Thai Vi Temple

Nestled amidst the high mountains and rice fields, there are several accommodation options near Thai Vi Temple. Stroll through the list below to find the best ones:

1. Aravinda Resort

Located amidst the magnificent mountains, Aravinda Resort is all about tranquility, purity and valuable services. There are so many facilities which are provided by the resort such as a yoga mat, adapter, library, free bicycle rental, yoga pavilion and terrace, outdoor swimming pool. This resort is slightly on the higher budget side and is recommended to those who have no budget constraints.

2. Hidden Charm Hotel And Resort

Located at a distance of just 1.8 km from Thai Vi Temple is the Hidden Charm Hotel and Resort. The resort is set in a tranquil environment nestled amidst rice fields and mountain ranges away from the city’s hustle and bustle. Rooms for medium to high budget are available here with top class amenities.

3. Amira Homestay

This hotel is suitable for people with medium budget. Amira Homestay offers rooms with garden view, play area for children, free internet access, and complimentary breakfast on booking of rooms.

4. Chez Loan Hotel

Located in close proximity to Thai Vi Temple, Chez Loan Hotel is situated amidst the limestone hills and rice fields, and offers great views from the room’s balcony. The rooms are quite spacious and there is also a restaurant and bar at the hotel premises. The hotel also provides cooking classes to those who are eager to learn the recipes for Vietnamese dishes.

5. Tam Coc Bungalow

Another great option to accommodate near Thai Vi Temple is the Tam Coc Bungalow which will give you a homely feel. It is a three-star accommodation with free wifi, parking, breakfast, AC rooms, and restaurant facility. Cycling and fishing are two activities which can be enjoyed near this hotel.

How To Reach Thai Vi Temple

Located in the Tam Coc – Bich Dong Complex, it is very easy to reach Thai Vi Temple. The total distance between the Thai Vi Temple and Tam Coc is just 1.5 km which can be covered by walking. Also, going to Thai Vi Temple in Vietnam by walking is recommended as the whole path is scenic and worth-noticing. Other ways to reach the Thai Vi Temple are given below:

By Car/Motorbike: One of the best ways to reach the Thai Vi Temple from Ninh Binh Centre is to rent a car or a motorbike if you have a valid driving license. Bikes and Cars can be rented online or you can ask your hotel staff to help you out with the same.

By Taxi: Another easy way to reach Thai Vi Temple is by taking a taxi from anywhere in Ninh Binh area and it will directly drop you at the temple. This option is recommended for those who are traveling with families or with kids as it is easy and taxi will drop you directly at your destination.

Thai Vi Temple not only attracts tourists for its location but also for its magnificent architecture. You will witness immense amount of pleasure once you reach this temple. The historical and cultural impact of this temple is very powerful that will enchant you and will make you dig into its history even more. Plan a trip to Vietnam to spend a day or two at the nearby hotels here to detach yourself from the worldly pleasures and to feel lively again and to boost up your soul and body.

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Hanoi Old Quarter: 10 Best Things To Do At Day & Night

The center of the city, Hanoi Old Quarter, offers French-colonial architecture, a rich food culture and a long history. In the heart of the city you will find streets full of scooters, street food stalls, cyclists and walkers. There are a lot of great things to do in Hanoi Old Quarter and a lot of sights and museums that you can visit.

Just like Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi exists in districts. The most famous and important districts in Hanoi are Ba Dinh District (also known as the French Quarter) where the government offices are located and Hoan Kiem District (also known as the Old Quarter), which is considered the business center and the main tourist destination in the city.

Hoan Kiem district

Hanoi Old Quarter is located in Hoan Kiem district, near Hoan Kiem Lake. In this neighborhood you will find beautiful colonial architecture, Buddhist temples and pagodas.

Expect to find many trendy cafes, bars, a variety of restaurants, bakeries, boutiques and art galleries in this historic area.

A common street scene in Hanoi is that the streets are full of scooters, bicycles and cars. Then there are the many street vendors with their stalls on the doorstep and people walking everywhere in between. In the popular Old Quarter this is no exception, so don’t expect to be able to walk around in a relaxed way to view sights in peace. But the experience of exploring the historic center is a must-do and really worth it.

Hanoi Old Quarter on the weekend

This neighborhood is relatively pedestrian-friendly compared to other cities in Vietnam. The streets are closed to cars and scooters on weekends and evenings to make way for bia hoi bars and food stalls with a variety of Vietnamese food.

How to get to Hanoi Old Quarter and go around From Hanoi airport to the center

Bus: bus number 86, a premium bus, has both English and Vietnamese broadcasting system. The price is $ 1.5 and it takes 1 hour. Avoid other regular buses.

Taxi: it costs around $ 20 for a trip from the airport to the city center.

Grab: Grab is a taxi app like Uber. Read here: how does Grab work.

Getting around the old quarter in Hanoi

Grab: They are cheap and almost always available.

Walking: The best way is to walk through Hanoi Old Quarter yourself. Most sights are also within walking distance of each other.

Cyclo: Cyclo has been a well-known means of transport in Vietnam for decades. Nowadays it is used in tourism. It is a unique experience to see the city on a cyclo, at your own pace.

Old Quarter 10 things to do & see

In case you don’t know where to start your journey around Hanoi Old Quarter, the best sights and activities are:

1. Wandering around the streets

Hanoi Old Quarter is full of colonial buildings, narrow alleys, lots of people and scooters. This district is over 1,000 years old and the Old Quarter is still the heart of the city. Here you will also find a range of hostels and guesthouses. The best way to see this old city center is walking around the streets and alleys. You can go strolling through the old streets for hours if you want to.

If you would do this in the morning, afternoon and in the late evening you will see three times a totally different Old Quarter. In the morning you will see people having breakfast at the small street food stalls, during the day time it is teeming with motorbikes and the busy life of the traders, at night you will see the streets full of people sitting on the plastic stools having dinner or drinking beer. There is a great atmosphere that is best to enjoy while wandering around the old town.

2. Street food tour

One of the best things to do in Hanoi is a street food tour with a local guide. First of all you will explore the old town with a local and walk through streets and hidden alleys you might not have found yourself. You also get a unique inside of the local culture, where you snack and dine on plastic stools between the locals, while listed to great stories.

The second reason is that you can taste some of the best street food in Hanoi. In Hanoi you will find an innumerable number of street food stalls, with many different types of street food. It can be overwhelming if you have to go out here on your own. If you go with a guide, you are assured that you will eat at trusted hygienic street stalls and the places where they sell the best food. It is very interesting, a lot of fun and a great way to explore Hanoi Old Quarter.

Street food tour with Local Vietnam

Are you excited to taste some of the best street food and explore the streets with a local guide? Then join our Street Food tour in Hanoi!

3. Visit the markets

There are many unique markets in Hanoi that you can visit to get a glimpse of local life. There are also several markets in Hanoi Old Quarter, but the two main once you should visit are the Dong Xuan market and the Weekend Night Market.

The Dong Xuan market is the largest market in Hanoi and has a wide range of products for sale over four floors. Located on the northern edge of the old quarter, it is an imposing Soviet-style building, surrounded on all sides by shops and stalls. You will find a lot of different things here, from souvenirs to food and from drinks to clothing.

The Weekend Night Market in Hanoi is a busy, lively gathering of stalls and sellers. The market runs through Hanoi Old Quarter every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 7 pm. You will find clothing and souvenirs, but the best are the endless food stalls that sometimes also sell interesting and exotic food.

4. Hoan Kiem Lake

The northern part of the famous Hoan Kiem Lake is right at Hanoi Old Quarter. Around the lake you see locals jogging, enjoying a cup of coffee and even Tai Chi and line dancing. The Ngoc Son Temple is located in this tranquil lake, an 18th-century pagoda on a small island that is accessed via an ornate wooden bridge. Combine a walk through the old streets with a walk (partly) around the lake to escape from the streets filled with motorbikes.

5. Cyclo tour

If you are not into walking so much, another great way to explore Hanoi Old Quarter is with a traditional cyclo. This is a traditional way of transpartation that used to dominate the streets in Vietnam. Now, they are mostly found in tourist areas, but still a great experience to travel with through the city. A cyclo is a three wheels bicycle where the driver sits in the back and the passenger(s) in the front seat.

While being on a cyclo, you experience the old traditional way of transportation while having a more relaxing view of the local life. It is recommended to extent your cyclo ride and go around Hoan Kiem Lake. You can also choose to see some other sights around town that are further away from the old town, such as Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, the One Pillar Pagoda and Hanoi train street.

Tip! Interested to go on a cyclo tour? Check our unique Hanoi cyclo tour here.

6. Water puppet show

Right next to the Hoan Kiem Lake you will find Thang Long Theatre, where you can enjoy a traditional water puppet show. Here you will see puppets in the water that in a short show depict Vietnamese traditions and culture. Every story comes with a Vietnamese orchestra, with musicians playing traditional opera music with drums, wooden bells, horns and bamboo flutes.

7. Drink Bia Hoi & enjoy nightlife

If you are looking for great nightlife in Hanoi, you are in the right spot. You don’t have to look far, because everywhere you walk in the evening and night you will see crowded streets where people are enjoying the nightlife. Cozy restaurants, BBQ on the street, dance cafes, loud bars and beer establishments can be found in every street. But probably the best thing to do at night is drinking Bia Hoi at a local street stall. Bia Hoi is the cheapest beer in the world, with a glass of beer already from $0,20.

The cheap beer does not always taste very great, but sitting between the locals and watching people walking by is a unique experience that everybody should at least do one time while visiting Hanoi. After drinking Bia Hoi you could continue to one of the bars, or go to the beautiful lit Hoan Kiem lake, where people come to relax.

8. Sightseeing around the Old Quarter

St. Joseph’s Cathedral

If you don’t feel like wandering aimlessly through the ancient streets, you can also visit a number of sights in and around Hanoi’s old town. In the Old Quarter you can find the oldest church in Hanoi, the St. Joseph’s Cathedral. It is the first building of the French colonial government in Indochina. The Long Bien bridge all the way in the north of the city center was bombed several times during the American war and quickly restored by the Vietnamese. It is designed by Gustave Eiffel (known from the Eiffel Tower).

Ma May ancient house was built at the end of the 19th century with the typical architecture of that time. It has been restored and reflects the traditional architecture of the old quarter of Hanoi. The Hanoi Opera House is a concert hall and built in the French colonial style from 1901 to 1911. There are also a few temples here that are very easy to spot between the houses. The Bach Ma temple is the most well known temples in Hanoi. It dates from the 11th century and is known as the oldest of its kind in the old quarter of Hanoi.

9. Visit museums

Hoa Lu prison museum

Some of the best museums in Vietnam can be found in Hanoi. Most of the museums in Hanoi are about the terrible Vietnam War, colonial past and unique culture. Not too far from the St. Joseph’s Cathedral, south of the Old Quarter you will find Hoa Lo prison. This prison, also known as Maison Centrale and the Hanoi Hilton, housed Vietnamese revolutionaries and American prisoners of war during the Vietnam War. The fort was once a huge colonial-style prison, most of which was demolished in the 1990s. Now it is a museum, where you can learn more about the time of French rule.

The Vietnamese Women’s Museum presents a tribute the the life of the women of Vietnam over the ages. From women during war times, to unique clothing of the ethnic minority woman. Other museums in Hanoi are further located from the old town.

10. Staying overnight in the Old Quarter

Staying overnight in the Old Quarter might be the most obvious best things to do in Hanoi Old Quarter. It is the place with tasty restaurants and street food, great nightlife, lots of options of hotels, hostels and homestays. In addition you are also on walking distance to a lot of the famous sights in Hanoi.

But besides that, this is also a great base for exploring the rest of North Vietnam. Tourist buses pick up travelers in this area and transport them to all corners of North Vietnam. When you have booked a cruise in Halong Bay you will often be picked up from the door of your hotel in the Old Quarter and driven to Halong where you go on the cruise. And the same goes for a trip to Ninh Binh, Mai Chau or Sapa. You often don’t need to go to a bus station to go to your next destination.

Hotels and hostels in Hanoi Old Quarter The best hostels

Old Quarter View Hanoi Hostel

Central Backpackers Hostel – Old Quarter

Hanoi Vietnam Backpacker Hostels Downtown

The best hotels

Hanoi Old Town Hotel

New Vision Palace hotel

Hanoi Graceful Hotel

Hanoi Trendy Hotel & Spa

Hanoian Elite Home Hotel

Thebest High end hotels

Essence Hanoi Hotel & Spa

Hanoi La Siesta Hotel Trendy

Hanoi La Siesta Central Hotel & Spa

Restaurants and food

Bun Cha Huong Lien: This street tent was announced by TV presenter Anthony Bourdain who sat here with the former American president Barack Obama.

Bún Bò Nam Bo: Try the bún bò nam bo (Southern style beef noodle salad).

Banh Mì 25: Delicious banh mì sandwiches.

Bun Cha Nem Cua Be Dac Kim: Serves one of the best nem chua (crab meat rolls) and bun cha (grilled pork with noodles) in the city.

Green Tangerine Restaurant Hanoi: Nice brasserie-style restaurant with authentic Vietnamese and French cuisine.

The Veg – Organic Vego & Tea: Good option for vegetarians.

Nightlife in Hanoi Old Quarter

The old quarter of Hanoi is busy at night, especially during the weekend. It would be a shame if you spent a night in Hanoi without going out at least once.

Bia Hoi Corner: Punctually on one is Bia Hoi Corner, also called Bia Hoi Junction or Bia Hoi street. This area is especially popular with backpackers because they can enjoy the famous bia hoi (Vietnamese draft beer) for only VND 5,000. The atmosphere here is very busy, with countless shops with plastic stools on the street.

Water puppet theater: A “must visit”, with live music and performances about the local lifestyle.

Hanoi Weekend Night Market: Busy, lively gathering of stalls and vendors every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 7 a.m.

Legend Beer Hanoi: Located on the third floor of a building in the center of Hanoi, with a beautiful terrace overlooking the busy traffic and Hoan Kiem Lake.


Hanoi Old Quarter is a shopping paradise because it offers many unique types of handicrafts, souvenirs, clothing and the like at reasonable prices. Here are some highlights around the old quarter of Hanoi where you can shop:

Hanoi night market (Hang Dao Street – after 7 pm every Friday, Saturday and Sunday): Clothing, accessories and lots of street food.

Dong Xuan market (Dong Xuan Street): They sell everything here.

Hang Da Market (Hang Da Street): clothing

Hang Dau Street: Shoes for both men and women

Trang Tien Plaza (Hang Bai Street): Clothing

Đăng bởi: Ngọc Ánh

Từ khoá: Hanoi Old Quarter: 10 best things to do at day & night

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