Xu Hướng 3/2024 # Western Delicacies Must Definitely Try Once In A Lifetime # Top 4 Xem Nhiều

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Grilled snakehead fish

Western delicacies certainly cannot be absent with grilled snakehead fish, a rural dish that gardeners often bring to guests. Delicious snakehead fish must choose snakehead fish naturally released. When grilled, people do not scrape the fish scales, but keep it and then bake it in an embers oven until the fish burn black and smell good, then keep it in fresh banana leaves. When eating, people will peel off the burnt fish scales, the flesh of the fish inside is cooked evenly and radiates a sweet aroma. When eaten, fish will be rolled with rice paper, raw vegetables, fresh noodles and a cup of sweet and sour sauce or seasoning sauce.

Delicious snakehead fish must choose wild snakehead fish

Clay grilled chicken

Western cuisine has many dishes that have only been heard of enough to stimulate the curiosity of customers, clay-grilled chicken is one of them. Western delicaciesThis is processed quite sophisticatedly, grilled chicken is usually free-range chicken, caught and cleaned, then removed all organs, marinated with spices, in which two indispensable ingredients are lemon leaves and lemongrass. hash. When the chicken has been seasoned with spices, people will bring the chicken wrapped in layers of fresh banana leaves and then cover it with a layer of clay. Finally, bury the chicken in the charcoal oven. When the clay hardens to yellow, it is also when the chicken is ripe, now bring the chicken out and break the clay and enjoy the meat inside. The sweet, fragrant chicken is mixed with the aroma of banana leaves, lemon, lemongrass and faintly a very special earth smell, one tasting will ensure you will forever lingering this special chicken flavor.

Chicken is fragrant, sweet, mixed with the aroma of banana leaves, lemon, lemongrass and a very special earthy scent

Anabas classic crazy soup

This “local wind” dish is not unfamiliar to the Westerners because every floating season, on the rice tray of the horticulturists, the classic perch and sour soup is almost indispensable. The cooking of these dishes is also very simple, the ingredients only need to be cooked anabas, add a little sour tamarind, season to taste and finally put in it. The sour taste of tamarind, sweetness of copper fish and the special taste of crazy make you forget it forever.

This “local wind home” dish is not unfamiliar to people in the West

Western grilled spring rolls

Speaking of grilled spring rolls is a mention of the central region, but few people know that the West also has delicious grilled spring rolls. Unlike the central grilled spring rolls, the western grilled spring rolls taste stronger and sweeter. Nem is made from pureed pork marinated with onion, garlic, chili and spices to taste, then grilled on embers and served with green bananas, wild vegetables …

Unlike the central grilled spring rolls, the western grilled spring rolls taste stronger and sweeter

Pancakes pan

Pancakes must be a Western delicacy that impresses not only domestic but also international visitors when they have the opportunity to visit the West. Western pan pancakes are large in size, poured in a pan and filled with a variety, from bean sprouts to duck meat, char siu … … The cake is served with raw vegetables such as: salad , mustard greens, fish lettuce, herbs of all kinds, … and sweet and sour fish sauce. The cake has a crispy crust, filled with many different flavors, creating a unique feature of Southern cuisine.

The cake is served with raw vegetables such as lettuce, mustard greens, fish lettuce, herbs of all kinds.

Bac Lieu fish sauce hotpot

Bac Lieu fish sauce hotpot is very famous in the West, the highlight of this hot pot is the hotpot broth cooked with fish sauce, in which the fish and chopped fish are the two most popular fish sauce used to cook this dish. In addition, the sauce hotpot is also particularly attractive to tourists because of the abundance of accompanying vegetables such as: classic cotton, water lily, water spinach, bitter vegetables, …

Mam hotpot is a Western delicacy that shows the sophistication of the culinary culture of the people of the South West

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It can be said that the hot pot sauce is a Western delicacy that shows the sophistication of the culinary culture of the people of the South West, making it a special specialty of the river. Besides Bac Lieu, you can also enjoy this dish in other places in the West such as: Can Tho, An Giang, Soc Trang …

Coconut leaf cake

Coconut leaf cake or many people also known as coconut cake is made from sticky glutinous rice combined with the aroma of coconut milk, grated coconut and beans and wrapped in coconut leaves, then tightly wrapped and boiled. Coconut cake usually has many types such as: green bean, fatty meat, banana or sweet coconut. This rustic dish appears in most of the western provinces and is a familiar snack associated with the childhood of many people. When eating coconut leaf cake, it will have the aromatic sticky taste of the sticky rice, the pulp of the beans, the fat of the coconut and the special flavor of the kernel.

Coconut cake filling usually has many types such as: green bean, fatty meat, banana or sweet coconut

Braised beef

Braised beef is a popular street food in the West, this is actually a type of spring roll with a mixture of cassava roots, shrimp, lettuce, sausage, eggs and herbs wrapped in a thin layer of rice paper. When eating, people will dab with pureed soy sauce and taste spices to taste. The layer of mixed vegetables and stir-fried cassava roots, inside there is also a red shrimp meat, when served with a thick black sauce mixed with a little spicy satay, a little bit of pulp and peanuts, there is nothing more delicious. Today’s beef is not only popular in the southwestern provinces, but also very famous in other localities, but typically Saigon.

When eating, people will dab with pureed soy sauce and taste spices to taste

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Từ khoá: Western delicacies must definitely try once in a lifetime

Top 8 French Restaurants In Saigon You Should Try

Photo by Jordane Mathieu / Unsplash

Saigon is among the most famous multicultural cities where you can experience food from different countries. From Asian cuisine like Thailand, Chinese, Korean, Japanese to Western ones like American, Italian, and especially French. If you are a fan of sophisticated French gastronomy, here are the top 8 French restaurants in Saigon you should definitely try out.

01. Le Monde Steak

Le Monde Steak is the first French urban-style steakhouse in Vietnam. Photo by: Le Monde Steak.

Le Monde Steak is the first French urban-style steakhouse in Vietnam, where diners are free to experience delicious French dishes in a typical French atmosphere with a nature-friendly open space. The food and the atmosphere together create a strong resonance, making your dining experience here unforgettable. Le Monde Steak started from the love of the founder for the sophisticated French cuisine, who studied abroad in the country.

Steak is definitely the must-try dish when coming to Le Monde Steak. Photo by: Le Monde Steak‌‌

Steak is definitely the must-try dish when coming to Le Monde Steak. The restaurant uses American beef, marinated with typical spices, just enough amount to keep the natural sweetness but still bring up the aroma and richness. The uniqueness of steak lies in the Café de Paris butter placed on top. This is a typical French butter, fragrant and greasy. The skillful combination of butter and steak has brought an extremely strong taste resonance. The soft, succulent meat with a bit of fat, making the dish being raised to a new flavor level.

Price: 40.000 VND – 300.000 VND

Address: 188 Phan Xích Long, Phú Nhuận, Hồ Chí Minh or 38B, 3rd Floor, Aeon Mall Tan Phu

02. The Refinery

The bistro offers a relaxed atmosphere with a large covered outdoor terrace and comfy armchair. Photo by: The Refinery. ‌‌

Located in the old Opium Manufacture of Saigon, serving French Brasserie food with an extensive wine list, The Refinery is a well-known French bistro decorated with custom-made furniture and lighting from the greatest Paris bistro tradition. Besides excellent French dishes, the bistro offers a relaxed atmosphere with a large covered outdoor terrace and comfy armchair. The wine bar here serves 17 Old and New World wines.

You can ensure the high quality of food at the Refinery. Photo by: liang_sixx.

Price: 200.000 VND – 850.000 VND

Address: 74, Hai Ba Trung, District 1.

03. La Villa

The beautiful restaurant setting at La Villa. Photo by: La Villa

La Villa is the French restaurant of Chief Thierry and his wife Mrs. Tina Trang Pham. Thierry has a long culinary experience at Michelin-star restaurants in French, London then finally in Vietnam at a 5-star resort in Phan Thiet where he met his future wife.

The two bought a beautiful villa in District 2, Ho Chi Minh city, and started their dream of building their own fine-dining French restaurant where there are no limitations of 5-star hotels or high-end restaurants. Where they can have their own creative space to explore French gastronomy at their own pace, in an environment designed to facilitate the best of what excellent ingredients could offer.

La villa’s 5-star French cuisines. Photo by: La Villa

Not only the food is 5-star quality, but the restaurant setting is also superb; a delightful and imposing villa, with beautiful gardens, a swimming pool to the front. As soon as you cross the threshold, the grandeur and magnificent decor will blow you away. The ambiance is just perfect for a romantic meal for two.

Price: 500.000 VND – 1.000.000 VND

Address: 14 Ngô Quang Huy Street, Thảo Điền Ward, District 2.

04. Bitrot De Saigon

The cozy ambiance inside Bistrot de Saigon. Photo by: Bistrot de Saigon

Bistrot de Saigon Restaurant specializes in providing French Cuisine with typical traditional dishes. And when it comes to French cuisine, wine is indispensable. Bistrot De Saigon owns a variety of wines such as French Wine (Red, White, Pink) and Champagne which have been carefully selected by experts.

The food here is elaborately prepared and beautifully presented. Photo by Bistrot de Saigon. ‌‌

The restaurant offers a variety of special dishes from appetizers with cold meats and mixed salami, French snail salad,… Main dishes with pan-fried foie gras, Top Blade Steak beef, baked duck breast, grilled Norwegian salmon with cod roe,… The food is elaborately prepared and beautifully presented. Located on Bach Ma Street, this French restaurant has a casual and cozy look with beautiful marble floors, wooden wall panels, and yellow warm lights.

Price: 80.000 VND – 300.000 VND

Address: Q9 Bạch Mã Street, Ward 15, District 10.

05. 3G Trois Gourmand

3G Trois Gourmand is located in a French architecture villa. Photo by: 3G Trois Gourmand.

3G Trois Gourmand is located in a French architecture villa. The white tones of the house are interspersed with the fresh greenery and a small swimming pool creating a peaceful and beautiful eatery. The decoration is simple yet very well-presented.

Trois Gourmands is considered among the top French restaurants in Saigon. The owner of the restaurant is a native of Southeastern France with a great love for French cuisine. He also makes many foods such as cheese, or expensive ones such as truffles, foie gras, etc.

The restaurant offers high-quality French dishes. Photo by: 3G Trois Gourmand.‌‌

Coming here, you must try beef fillet with pepper sauce, lamb fillet with zucchini spaghetti, pan-fried foie gras, scallop with mashed potatoes truffle. The cheese flavors here are also very special, especially goat cheese. Don’t forget to enjoy authentic French desserts such as creme brulee, macaron, and a glass of wine to complete your meal.

Price: 80.000 VND – 300.000 VND

Address: 39 Trần Ngọc Diện Street, Thảo Điền Ward, District 2.

06. Chanh Bistro Rooftop Saigon

Chanh Bistro impresses with its airy and spacious open space. Photo by: Chanh Bistro.

If you are looking for a French restaurant in Saigon with a luxurious view, then Chanh Bistro Rooftop Saigon is a great choice. An interesting place for an affordable quality dinner with drinks under the stars and a stunning view of Saigon streets.

Chanh Bistro offers diners a unique blend of European and Asian dishes. Photo by: Chanh Bistro.

Chanh Bistro offers diners a unique blend of European and Asian dishes. You will be amazed at the taste of traditional pasta dishes, bold Italian soup, grilled salmon with crispy skin, grilled Australian beef tenderloin with French foie gras, etc. It is a must to have glasses of fine wines from famous Italian or France wineries.

Chanh Bistro impresses with its airy and spacious open space, minimalist design, edgy decoration with greenery from trees. With a capacity of up to 100 people, a restaurant is also an ideal place for gatherings or birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

Price: 300.000 VND – 600.000 VND

Address: 6th Floor, 215-217 Lý Tự Trọng Street, District 1.

07. Bonjour Resto

Bonjour Resto’ is a French restaurant chain at a very affordable price. Photo by: Bonjour Resto’

Bonjour Resto’ is a restaurant chain specializing in beefsteak dishes and European cuisine such as pasta, salad, dessert, etc. To start a meal, you can choose for yourself the delicious creamy pumpkin soup to go with crispy toast, fresh salad, or garlic bread. Next, the main course menu gives you a lot of choices from Australian beef Steak, roasted duck with orange sauce to salmon fillet with butter sauce.

The dishes are full of flavor and beautifully presented. Photo by: Bonjour Resto’

The nice thing about this French restaurant is that the price is quite affordable. Students can also go here to experience Western cuisine. Though the price is affordable, the quality is highly appreciated by diners. The dishes are full of flavor and beautifully presented.

The Bonjour Resto’ restaurant chain has a common design that is harmonious between luxury and sophistication but still very friendly and cozy. All to bring comfort as well as familiarity for all customers to enjoy the meal more complete.

Price: 50.000 VND – 300.000 VND

08. 48 Bistro

48 Bistro has 4 modern and spacious establishments located in the central areas of Saigon. Photo by: 48 Bistro. ‌‌

48 Bistro restaurants have become a familiar name for those who are passionate about European dishes. Starting from a small family-style restaurant, after more than 14 years, 48 Bistro has had 4 modern and spacious establishments located in the central areas of Saigon.

The restaurant’s menu features European dishes processed in Asian style. Photo by: 48 Bistro. ‌‌

The restaurant’s menu features European dishes processed in Asian style with a variety of ingredients such as Australian lamb chops, pigeons, foie gras, lobsters, etc. Each ingredient has many different processing methods to create an irresistible uniqueness.

What makes this French restaurant special is chef Ly Anh Tu and his associates and chef Sakal Phoeung, who has 25 years of experience in 5-star restaurants and used to cook for the France President in Vietnam.

Price: 250.000 VND – 500.000 VND


50 – 52 Lê Thị Riêng Street, Bến Thành Ward, District 1.

292 An Dương Vương Street, Ward 4, District 5.

5th Floor, Crescent Mall, 101 Tôn Dật Tiên Street, Tân Phú Ward, District 7.

3rd Florr, SC Vivo City Mall, 1058 Nguyễn Văn Linh Street, Tân Phong Ward, District 7.

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5 Resorts That Must Be Checked In Along The Central Coast

Six Senses Ninh Van Bay Nha Trang

Six Senses Ninh Van Bay Nha Trang is nestled on Ninh Van Bay next to high mountains. 65km from Cam Ranh airport, it takes about 1 hour to drive from the airport to the pier and 20 minutes by train to arrive at Six Senses.

The resort meets the international 5-star standard with charming scenery, wild landscapes, where you can listen to the sound of the waves of the sea, the sound of the wind and the birdsong… The blue sea, white sand, and sunshine like a highlight. rustic, idyllic, so you can enjoy absolute peace.

The entire resort stretches along 2 km of coastline with 58 thatched-roofed villas scattered on the cliffs, halfway up the hill and close to the sea edge. The entire villa is built of wood with bamboo mortise joints in the style of the old Vietnamese house architecture. The roof is covered with pristine coconut leaves.

Although wearing a bold Asian rustic look, the inside of Six Senses Ninh Van Bay is decorated with modern and luxurious equipment, creating attraction for customers in the high-end segment.

InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort

It is no coincidence that when calling InterContinental Danang, people immediately think of the most perfect things for a luxurious vacation. Nestled on the North Beach, before reaching InterContinental Danang, you will pass through a beautiful mountain road by the sea in Son Tra peninsula.

The resort features a unique design style, blending ancient and modern features with two main black – white tones. The perfect design helps InterContinental Danang to win the prestigious award “World’s Leading Luxury Resort” by World Travel Awards in 2014.

Photo: [email protected]

Taking the criteria of harmony with nature, the resort maximizes the natural ecosystem of Son Tra peninsula. The primeval forest with langurs, monkeys and many precious birds is located right next to the InterContinental Danang.

The luxury and magnificence of InterContinental Danang is also reflected in the luxurious sea-view bedroom suites, top-notch culinary arts, good security with a enclosed and protected campus 24/24, viewing area. movies and modern swimming pools…

Royal Hotel & Healthcare Resort Quy Nhon

Hotel & Healthcare Resort Quy Nhon is built with 131 spacious guest rooms with private balconies. Each room is designed with a classic European style. Wood architecture dominates, creating a cool, airy and luxurious space.

At Royal & Healthcare Quy Nhon, guests also enjoy many convenient services such as tennis court, spa, karaoke, restaurant serving Asian and European dishes…

Banyan Tree Lang Co Resort

Built on the unique crescent-shaped bay of the central strip of land, Banyan Tree Lang Co hotel is the most luxurious hotel brand among the accommodation points of Laguna Lang Co complex resort.

With a design concept aimed at discerning travel-savvy customers, the resort owns 32 canal-facing villas with an area of ​​131 square meters and 17 ocean-facing villas with an area of ​​124 square meters.

The main buildings and villas reflect the Hue garden house style. Vietnamese history and culture are vividly reproduced through interior decorations such as: Champa sandstone sculptures, Dong Son bronze drums, Vietnamese calligraphy, Dong Ho paintings, puppets. water, silk embroidery, pottery and fabrics with royal purple hues.

Amanoi Resort Ninh Thuan

Amanoi Resort invested by Amanresort Group, is the first 6-star resort in Vietnam, and is one of the 33 best new hotels in the world in 2014 voted by Condé Nast Traveler magazine.

This is where there are luxury villas with prices up to nearly 100 million VND/night, or at least nearly 16 million VND/night. High-class services include a spa by the lotus lake, outdoor infinity pool, tennis court experience, yoga in the midst of nature…

With heavenly scenery and lavish amenities, Amanoi Ninh Thuan resort is a favorite destination of tourists in Central Vietnam.


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Delicious And Unique Sticky Rice Dishes To Try In Saigon

As a person who has a soul to eat and drink, whether it is sticky or boring food, it will “fight” everything. Of course, no one will be able to refuse a hot bowl of sticky rice, each grain of sticky rice is tightly intertwined, topped with a variety of ingredients such as fried onions, onion fat, peanuts, cotton balls, etc. Big chicken thighs, eggs,… Just hearing about it makes you feel attractive, right? Discover delicious sticky rice dishes in the city. Let’s go to Ho Chi Minh City!

Sticky rice balls wrapped with salted egg

An extremely unique dish for both fans of sticky rice and salted eggs. The soft taste of sticky rice, the fatty aroma of onion fat, the sweetness of shrimp paste and the fatty, salty taste of salted egg tablets bring a new taste. It will no longer be a box of sticky rice with two separate pieces of sticky rice and toppings, but with this salted egg-wrapped sticky rice ball with assorted toppings will wrap together to form a giant “salty candy”. In Saigon, there are many sticky rice restaurants with this dish, but you can try to stop by Truong Sa Street, Phu Nhuan District to confirm whether the winged reviews of previous customers are correct or not!

The box of sticky rice is iridescent yellow.

Sticky rice is cooked with coconut milk, so it retains moisture and doesn’t dry out, in a package of sticky rice balls wrapped with salted eggs priced at VND 45,000, there will be chicken, bold char siu, shrimp, onion fat, and young eggs. A portion is not too much, only 4 balls of sticky rice wrapped with salted egg but enough for one person to feel full, salted egg fans can rest assured with this dish because the big and bold salted egg wrapped inside will not let you down.

Depending on each load of sticky rice, there are different ingredients, there are parts of sticky rice that will not have young chicken eggs, but instead are pork and dried onions. But there is no denying that, no matter what type of topping is added, salted eggs still hold their unique position in this dish.

Address of sticky rice wrapped with salted egg – 418 Truong Sa

Chicken sticky rice – char siu

You will not be able to imagine the deliciousness of a giant super-large serving of chicken char siu at Ba Chieu sticky rice restaurant if you don’t come and enjoy it with your own eyes. Ba Chieu sticky rice is like a familiar address to the people of Saigon. This sticky rice restaurant has a special way of marinating chicken, char siu and dried shrimp, so it is very attractive to gourmets. Another plus point is that the rich, beautiful sauce of cockroach wings and the slight spicy taste of chili also make Ba Chieu sticky rice a beautiful and delicious dish.

The big piece of meat rubs the bacon to cover the sticky rice underneath. Photo: @damanfood

A serving of chicken sticky rice with char siu costs only about 30,000 VND, but it is very easy to satisfy the taste buds of customers and fill hungry stomachs. Almost everyone who comes here is amazed by a cheap serving of sticky rice with a huge portion of food, can’t see the sticky rice anywhere, their eyes are filled with stimulating red and orange meat.

Chicken sticky rice is full. Photo: ngdiepj

The address of chicken sticky rice – delicious char siu – 318/1 Bui Huu Nghia Street

Corn sticky rice

Corn sticky rice is probably no longer a strange street food, corn sticky rice has many styles but the most popular is still to keep the natural sweetness of the sticky rice. Eaten with sweet and fatty corn combined with fried oil, onion fat, sesame salt, grated coconut, sugar and green beans to increase the sweetness of the corn sticky rice dish. If you feel too bored with salty sticky rice dishes full of meat and easy to cause fat, corn sticky rice will probably be a bit “healthy”.

Corn sticky rice is simple, but delicious. Photo: @vietnamese_homestyle_cooking_

This dish has a “chestnut” price much more than salty sticky rice dishes because of simple ingredients. Those who like to eat sweets can also try this dish, although it is not as sweet as milk tea, cream cake, but the natural sweetness from coconut, corn, and green beans is also a sweet taste worth enjoying when hungry.

Sugar will be added by the buyer to taste. Photo: @zizinguyen

Delicious corn sticky rice address – 24 Nguyen Huu Cau

Durian sticky rice

Durian is an extremely picky dish, so durian sticky rice in the city. Ho Chi Minh is also not very welcome. However, for those who are gourmets who can eat durian, durian sticky rice is a strange and delicious dish that wants to be “durian”. Depending on the location, a piece of sticky rice will cost from 20,000 VND to 80,000 VND, a rather expensive price compared to a simple sticky rice dish. But with the large, round, greasy full-boiled portion, placed neatly on the soft and smooth sticky rice, it is worth trying once in your life.

Durian sticky rice with ecstasy aroma. Photo: @kaiwaii.food

Durian sticky rice is somewhat similar to corn sticky rice when it is cooked with fragrant coconut milk, along with fresh grated coconut, sesame and sugar to increase the sweetness of the sticky rice. Eating a piece of soft, sweet and fragrant durian along with the smooth sticky rice will definitely be a memorable experience. Those of you who can’t eat durian, just try to take a bite, maybe durian sticky rice will bring you to durian paradise.

The piece of durian is almost as big as the sticky rice. Photo: @bth_sisters

Durian sticky rice address: Ha Dung sticky rice – 77 Ton That Dam

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Từ khoá: Delicious and unique sticky rice dishes to try in Saigon

Vermicelli – A Specialty You Should Try When Coming To Binh Dinh

Coming to Quy Nhon city, in addition to specialties such as grilled vermicelli, jumping shrimp pancakes, mixed tre, shrimp vermicelli… visitors are also introduced to vermicelli noodles by locals. At first glance, many people mistakenly think this is vermicelli, but the taste is completely different, less spicy. The deliciousness of the dish depends on the quality of the braised meat.

The bowl of vermicelli is filled with fatty rice bran meat, served with raw vegetables and grilled rice paper. Photo: Huynh Nhi

Lam Huu Hoang’s restaurant at 01A, Tran An Tu, Quy Nhon City is the address for selling vermicelli and shrimp vermicelli frequented by many locals. Every morning, the shop sells several hundred bowls, the price of one bowl is 17,000 VND. Mr. Hoang shared that vermicelli is a specialty of Phu My district, Binh Dinh province. His family has many people, and many generations have followed the profession of selling vermicelli, it can be said that this is an heirloom dish.

“Bun rum is as familiar to the Phu My people as Quang noodles are associated with the Quang Nam people. Almost every house in Phu My district and the area of ​​Tra O lagoon (Chau Truc lagoon) knows how to cook this dish. The frugal dish should be enjoyed by everyone. Many people love it,” said Mr. Hoang.

The ingredients for cooking vermicelli are simple, the main part is Tra O vermicelli. Ram is a species of crab, hard shell, and sweet meat. When brought back, the mud is washed, pureed, cooked meat is filtered, and spices are added to taste. The dish is finished cooking the broth has a characteristic sweetness, just add a little cilantro and green onions to round out the taste.

The pot of broth is full of rice bran, always kept hot, and refilled every time. Photo: Huynh Nhi

Unlike vermicelli, cooking vermicelli does not add too many additives or side dishes, the sweetness and aroma of the meat remain intact. If vermicelli vermicelli has more toppings of pork, rolls, tofu, fish sauce, and blood… then vermicelli only has rice bran meat, vermicelli broth, served with raw vegetables and rice paper. The first-time customers who are not used to the rice noodles will find it difficult to eat, but the aroma of cilantro softens the taste of the noodle bowl.

In addition, in order to make the food more delicious, Mr. Hoang invested in a noodle press at the restaurant, where he sold the vermicelli to the place, the noodles were soft, chewy and hot. A bowl of vermicelli at the restaurant costs 17,000 VND, if you add rice bran meat, it costs 12,000 VND per cup. Rice paper is a dish that diners order more to eat, and rice paper cake is baked with crispy charcoal and is priced at 3,000 VND.

After the vermicelli is finished, it is drained, divided into small bowls and sold to customers. Photo: Huynh Nhi

Most customers know about the restaurant through word of mouth. Ms. Hue, 62 years old, has been a “true customer” at the shop for nearly a year, every morning she comes here to eat vermicelli and shrimp vermicelli. “I like frugal dishes that are not too greasy and spicy, so the food here is delicious, the broth is delicious. This place is affordable, every time I order a bowl of 20,000 VND to eat to fill it up. What I like most. It’s still the way the shop sells goods, very polite and friendly, talking to customers, so I come to support”, Ms. Hue said.

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Từ khoá: Vermicelli – a specialty you should try when coming to Binh Dinh

A Day Trip To Green Islands In Cairns

Along with a white sand beach, blue water and colorful coral reefs underwater, Green Island offers an irresistible experience befitting of the region. So today, we’ll be walking you through a detailed guide on day trips to Green Island in Cairns. Stay tuned to keep yourselves updates and informed on how to best spend your time here! Green Island in Cairns – paradise of the green

Instagram @cairnsgreenisland

Green island – A place of the hole in the nose

Instagram @ifelforlife

Located in Coral Sea, belonging to Cairns city, Queensland, Australia, the Green Island has a meager 0.15 km2 area but it is enough to create a wonderland. Quite different from the dark blue of the sea, Green Island earns its namesake, having the charm of a woodland fairy amidst the gorgeous green landscape. The name “Green Island” is actually a modern name given to this island. Originally, it was called “dabuukji” by the indigenous tribes that resided here, with its name meaning “place of the hole in the nose”. Initially, Green Island was just a small marsh that, thanks to waves, sand, rain and a number of other factors, caused the landmass to expand into what it is today. Since the 20th century, this place has become more popular among tourists, choosing it as their next destination to relax and rest. This has directly lead to the surge of hotels, resorts, and entertainment options that have sprung up in recent years.

Instagram @cairnsgreenisland

The name “Green Island” comes not only from the ocean’s watercolors surrounding the island, but also the green of nature and the diverse ecosystems of the island. Surrounded by ocean, the trees on the island rely on rainwater and freshwater from the underground water reserves of the island, covering the island’s surface in a fresh, green color. This also makes the atmosphere cool and pleasant, far away from the bustling atmosphere of the rushing city.

Instagram @_kathrin__s

Instagram @konomiworld_0313

The white beach sand hugs the sea while the fluttering of the waves creates a rhythmic background to allow your soul and heart to reach a state of peace and serenity. In addition, Green Island is famous for also being near the Great Barrier Reef.

Instagram @chloehammo

The Reef is a main attraction for tons of visitors a year, with more than 3,000 reefs extending across more than 2,600 sq. km. It is the largest coral reef in the world, and a haven for thousands of undersea species. The feeling of sitting on the white sand, watching the sun slowly rise from the far side of the island, gradually shedding light on the plant life of the island is truly a wonderful experience.

What awaits you on Green Island?

Instagram @senyous

Along with the popularity of the Green Island, more and more tours have emerged with more choices, from short to long term, from day trips to weekends just to visit and explore the natural beauty and scenery here. Therefore, to meet the needs of relaxation and recreation of the number of tourists, many hotels and resorts have been born and the scale is improving to offer the best quality for tourists. Many resorts have decided to use a water filter system to purify water for daily use on the island. Green Island has a long and wide coastline creating the most beautiful and poetic beaches, and visitors can comfortably wade in clear blue water, swim in cool water or release stress more relaxing water options.

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Outdoor activities are also encouraged, especially team sports such as volleyball, basketball, football, etc. One of the most natural landscapes that most visitors want to visit is the Great Barrier Reef. With a pair of diving suits, air vents and diving glasses, travelers can easily navigate through the water and look at the colorful coral reefs with varying shapes and sizes, and aquatic species, fish, organisms living around the reef. If you equip yourself with a waterproof camcorder, you can completely record wonderful moments of nature that are created underwater.

Green Island day trip from Cairns

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A day trip will be great if you want to enjoy the full beauty of the Green Island during the day. Walking around the island, breathing fresh air and admiring the dawn in the morning, will definitely calm your mind, then you can comfortably swim in cool water before having the breakfast at the restaurant. Even on the island, there is helicopter service for visitors to admire the beauty of the Green Island from the air and customize the request of the customer or use the canoe to transport tourists around the ” the reef”.

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Some tips and tricks for your trip

There are approximately three boats departing from Cairns to the island every day and it takes you about 40 minutes to get to this romantic chúng tôi ensure the best experience, be careful to prepare all the necessary items and equipment.

If you are easily seasick, prepare drugs or anti-motion sickness while on board, as 40 minutes floating on the water is quite the commute.

Going to Green Island, make sure you don’t miss the chance to swim in the ocean so be sure to have enough swimming costumes, underwear and even diving gear in case you visit the Great Barrier Reef. A waterproof camera also is a great idea to get those great underwater shots.

If you don’t want to go in the water you can fully admire the coral through the glass under the bottom of the boat, or visit the museum on the island to learn more of the history and landscape here.

Make sure you have plenty of sunscreen and insect repellent.

Here are the essentials you need to start planning for your vacation in Green Island. Green Island will be a promising destination for your family, friends and loved ones. Hopefully with the information we have provided, it will help you have great experience on your upcoming trip. Do not hesitate to visit our website to check out more interesting travel destinations!

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